faceboo M3M 65th Avenue, Gurugram goes for SGG Antelio Plus, Solar Control Glass

M3M - 65th Avenue

65th Avenue is designed to be a futuristic and international mixed-use style development comprising retail and residential spaces. Located in Gurugram, it is a project by the M3M Group. With entertainment, leisure, retail and upscale living, 65th Avenue strives to capture the spirit of a happening city. The project features an 8-screen multiplex by PVR, dining avenues, hang out zones and water bodies.

While there has been ample emphasis on ensuring vibrant look and luxurious experience, the element of sustainability has equally been incorporated. This has been made possible by the judicious use of Saint-Gobain's high-performance glass in the property.

65th Avenue's facades and windows have been glazed by SGG Antelio Plus. It is an advanced coated glass manufactured by the state-of-art magnetron sputtering process under vacuum conditions. SGG Antelio blocks the incoming heat radiation from the sun, offering UV protection while allowing the natural light to filter in. The high light transmission, coupled with solar control properties, makes it ideal for use in the project. Moreover, the neutral tinge of the glass is perfect for the elegant aesthetics that the building imparts.

Keeping urban development and burgeoning construction in mind, the use of energy-efficient glass goes a long way in mitigating the challenges that come with them. With the diligent use of SGG Antelio Plus from Saint-Gobain, 65th Avenue stands testimony to adapting new glazing solutions for an energy-efficient today and tomorrow.

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