faceboo M3M Skywalk, Gurugram uses SGG Cool - Lite, Solar Control Glass

M3M Skywalk

M3M Skywalk is nestled in Sector 74, Gurugram at the confluence of high-scale retail and office spaces. A project by the M3M Group, M3M Skywalk is one more representation of the company's innovative concepts, multi-dimensional realty solutions and high service standards. M3M Skywalk consists of 2 and 3 BHK apartments that blend luxury and comfort, while M3M Corner Walk is conceptualised as a mixed-use property with retail, F&B and office spaces.

One of the main channels through which sustainability is assured, is by way of using high-performance glass by Saint-Gobain. SGG Cool-Lite has been used in the facade and windows, bringing a host of comprehensive benefits to the occupants. From solar control to UV protection, from optimum light transmission to minimum visual glare and versatility in aesthetics and performance, SGG Cool-Lite delivers them all.

SGG Cool-Lite provides holistic benefits as it is an advanced coated glass manufactured by the state-of-art magnetron sputtering process under vacuum conditions. The end-result for occupants is reduced dependence on artificial lighting and cooling, and thereby reduced energy bills.

In the midst of a bustling city, M3M Skywalk is designed to be a breath of fresh air with sustainable glazing that allows ample light and ventilation. With SGG Cool-Lite, the project exudes a cool vibe, thanks to the neutral tone of the glass, making the property the right balance of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

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