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SGG Planilaque lacquered glass combines the elegance and depth of glass and the vibrancy of colour,making it ideal for use in interior decoration. It is the perfect partner to bring alive décor ideas, creating vibrant spaces that brim with life.

SGG Planilaque lacquered glass is designed to infuse the interiors with aesthetic appeal while bringing well-being into living and working spaces. Available in an extensive variety of shades that are in line with classic & contemporary trends, it can be widely used in different ways across the residential and commercial segments.

PU Lacquer that does not require frequent touch-ups

Humidity-resistance perfect for washrooms and kitchens

Uniform colour ensures no traces of mounting surfaces

Low VOCs that cause no harm to health of occupants


Wall Paneling

Stain-free, unlike acrylic material that becomes difficult to clean over periods of time

Kitchen Shutters & Backsplash

Easy to clean, allowing food spillages to be quickly cleaned without leaving any unhygienic spots

Lift Lobbies

Does not house dust & dirt and hence ideal for high touch areas like columns & lift lobbies

Ceiling Decoration

Takes aesthetics to new levels and does not allow dust to settle easily

Writing Boards

Makes work-from-home a comfortable process and ideal for use in the children's room as well

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planilaque vs local back painted glass ‎

Parameter SGG Planilaque Back Painted Glass
Raw Material
Lacquer is screened and meticulously tested
The paint is not tested and even expired lacquer is used
Process & Finish
The coating is precise and homogeneous
The coating is non-uniform and uncontrolled
The solvent is completely evaporated to ensure bubble and blister free glass
Improper curing makes bubbles and blisters appear on the glass
Highest opacity levels across the world
Low opacity that exposes the backing materials

SGG Planilaque

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