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Toughened Glass

Toughened glass or tempered glass is glass that has undergone processes of controlled thermal treatment to increase its strength.  It has high withstanding capacity and is therefore suitable for uses where strength and thermal resistance are crucial. It is nearly four to five times stronger than annealed glass. Even during breakage, its relatively small pieces reduce the chances of injury. Toughened Glass is ideal in spider and point fixed glazing owing to its high edge strength tempered glass.

The major benefits of toughened glass are:

Saint-Gobain Glass 4x stronger than annealed glass

Saint-Gobain Glass Highly Durable and Impact Resistant

Saint-Gobain Glass Breaks into small fragments, less likely to cause injury

Annealed Glass Vs Toughened Glass ‎

Saint-Gobain Glass

Annealed Glass

Annealed Glass is glass that has not undergone any treatment process like toughening, lamination or heat strengthening. Also known as 'normal' glass, it is most commonly used for residential windows. It is brittle and when broken, forms sharp, knife-like fragments.

Saint-Gobain Glass

Toughened Glass

Glass, when processed to ensure high-performance and demonstrate better strength, is called Processed Glass. Also known as Toughened or Tempered Glass, it is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments that increase its strength. Toughening increases tensile strength, thermal shock resistance, heat withstanding capacity and safety of normal glass.


Saint-Gobain Assured is an initiative by Saint-Gobain to ensure that customers buy an original product of the company and do not end up buying counterfeit ones. Exterior facades and Interior spaces undergo a long design, deliberation and selection process with focus on quality, standards and performance. From the time of creating the architectural concept and designing on the basis of glass to the mock-up, it has to be ensured that the glass that is prudently selected, really gets used.

To do so, customers are encouraged to 'look for the logo' on every pane of glass used whereby the Saint-Gobain logo is printed on the glass, customers can stay assured that they have used the original Saint-Gobain glass.

Saint-Gobain Assured Processors ‎

Saint-Gobain Assured guarantees assurance on counts of Competence (technological advancement), Credibility (355+ years in the industry) and Commitment (TruThik, TruColour and TruPurity) made to the customer. It assures-

Saint-Gobain Glass Saint-Gobain Glass
1. Genuine Product

100% Saint-Gobain sourced

Saint-Gobain Glass Saint-Gobain Glass
2. International Standards

Thickness tolerances are set as per the stringent most, European standards

Saint-Gobain Glass Saint-Gobain Glass
3. Highest Quality

High clarity and purity – lowest iron content

Saint-Gobain Glass Saint-Gobain Glass
4. Assured Strength

Higher strength and impact resistance

Saint-Gobain Glass Saint-Gobain Glass
5. Clearest Glass In India

Consistency in shade

Saint-Gobain Glass Saint-Gobain Glass
6. Rapid Response

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