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Kitchen Shutters

Wellbeing Designed and Delivered

Saint-Gobain brings the chic aesthetics and diverse benefits of glass to elevate kitchens into elegant culinary statements. In shades and styles that kick-start conversations, we serve you a range of world-class glass shutter solutions, to redefine kitchen aesthetics and wellbeing. Experience enhanced hygiene, easy to clean and timeless kitchens, bound to transform these culinary spaces into everyone’s favourite hangout zones.

Product Range

Craft world-class kitchens and interior spaces with a comprehensive range of ready-to-use shutter solutions from Saint-Gobain!

Sleek and Stylish glass options to add one-of-a-kind style to your kitchen! Create a fresh and spacious atmosphere inside your kitchen with the extensive range of SGGPlanilaque lacquered glass, mirror and speciality glass.
SGG Planilaque
Combining contemporary style with sturdy finish! Saint-Gobain offers three uniquely colored anodized frames in two exciting variants (framed and frameless) with supreme flexural strength and superb finish .Strength and unmatched beauty now come together to add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Explore Design Options

SGGPlanilauqe Almond Green

SGGPlanilauqe Aqua Blue

SGGPlanilauqe Aquamarine

SGG Planilauqe Argent Metallise and Aquamarine

SGGPlanilauqe Calm Sky

SGGPlanilauqe Champagne and Opera Red

SGGPlanilauqe Champagne

SGGPlanilauqe Extra White

SGGPlanilauqe Ivory and Flame Red

SGGPlanilauqe Solar Yellow and Mint Green

SGGPlanilaque Extra white and Champagne

SGGPlanilauqe Titan Grey and Tinted Glass