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Saint-Gobain Infinity


Every living space is a dream. And do dreams ever have limits? Dreams do not have limits and in today's age, it is possible to fulfill these limitless dreams. Today's architecture, with its Aesthetics, Signature designs, Flexibility and Robustness, all culminating in functionality of the building, can make dreams come true.

Over the years, architecture has evolved and so have our choices for our buildings. Today we look for solutions that help enhance our surroundings in every sense. We want our living spaces to:

  • Having bold color palettes
  • Highlight the design & form of the building
  • Be Energy efficient
  • Have exquisite exterior views complementing the interiors of the building




Saint-Gobain Infinity gives you a wide range of product options and infinite number of design solutions, so that you can choose a glazing solution which will be a perfect match for all your needs and wants.





Infinity gives you state-of-the-art glazing solutions which are manufactured using the cutting-edge Magnetron sputtering technology to create nano layers of coating on glass. Our innovation and research have resulted in creation of coatings that are perfect for Indian climatic conditions. Infinity helps you choose a combination of parameters like U-Value, Solar Factor, Visual Light Transmission and Selectivity* that specifically match the needs of your building. From glass products with single metallic-layer coatings to most advanced double and triple silver coatings, Infinity provides an extensive range of solutions to give you Limitless Possibilities in Performance.




Infinity gives you a large palette of colors to choose from, with a range of shades that will color your day with creativity. The unique shades of our coated Infinity glasses and the variation of light parameters like reflection and transmission give you limitless possibilities to choose from- be it bold, subtle, dark, light or a shiny appearance. How much light would you want in your building? Would you want a shiny looking building or a building that gives a crystal clear view of the outside, or both? There are many more factors other than color that help you choose the perfect shade of glass for your dream building.




Infinity helps your living spaces achieve all of the above.There are limitless possibilities in which you can use Infinity to create Comfort + Sustainability.

Infinity glazing solution if chosen prudently can produce unparalleled results in:



Infinity gives you limitless possibilities in incorporating the right glazing solution in your building. We have partnered with processors across the country and built a team of technical experts, to ensure that you get the safest and best-fit solution depending on where you are using Infinity.

Infinity can be part of your building in limitless ways:












Facades   Windows   Partitions   Skylights   Railings   Staircases






viewing galleries


light shelves


interior cladding


  Canopies   Doors   Viewing Gallery   Light Shelves   Interior Cladding  


The dream of a living space is not just about creating the most aesthetically beautiful building. It also encompasses several other factors like comfort, safety and sustainability of the living space.

To create unparalleled comfort, a building should be capable of blocking out the unwanted- Excessive heat which increases cooling loads (Thermal Comfort) and excessive light which causes glare (Visual Comfort). Blocking the unwanted is also important to reduce energy consumption in a building.




Each glass from the Infinity range comes with a guarantee of being a green product right from its production to its use in the building. A solution from the Infinity range promises to help you achieve



"Form Follows Function" was a basic principle guiding the Architecture of the 20th Century and continues to be a fundamental principle of today?? architecture. However, the living spaces of tomorrow will be beyond this principle. With smart buildings, Internet of things, intelligent and interactive materials, the buildings of tomorrow will offer much more than just form and function. With dynamic and interactive products like Sage-Glass, Infinity is already a step ahead in providing the latest technology. Infinity, being part of Saint-Gobain, a brand that is established to be one of the most innovative in the construction industry, has innovation as a core philosophy. What we see today, is only a small part of the sea of changes that the future has in store for our buildings. With world-class research and innovation facilities in India, Infinity will help you ensure that you always stay a step ahead in this change.

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