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Saint-Gobain Mirror

Capture the essence of your space in reflections that are pure. Saint-Gobain mirrors are manufactured with precision and cutting-edge technology. They provide exceptional durability with brighter and distortion-free reflections. The trend-setting designs amplify the ambience of the space, aligning seamlessly with contemporary trends.

Discover the widest range of designs, shapes and colours to maximise the room's lighting, making the details look more prominent than ever.

  • Saint-Gobain GlassUniform Coating

  • Saint-Gobain GlassExceptional Clarity with 654 PPM Clear Glass

  • Saint-Gobain GlassNo Waviness

  • Saint-Gobain GlassFree of Lead and Arsenic

Benefits of Mirror


Well-lit spaces


It makes the space seem bigger


A visual delight


Variety of sizes and shapes

World-Class Glass

World-Class Glass
Sleek and fog-resistant

high definition mirror

High Definition Mirror

SGG DIAMANT is an extra clear glass which is valued for its attractive appearance and optical qualities.

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SGG Miralite Mirror

SGG Miralite Revolution

SGG Miralite Revolution is a new generation mirror, made from the best of base glass, ensuring exceptional reflection.

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SGG Miralite Mirror
Tinted Mirrors

Tinted Mirrors

Tinted Mirrors are great decorative pieces and a visual delight, lending beauty and art to spaces.

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SGG Mirasafe

SGG Mirasafe® Revolutionary mirrors with shatterproof shield, for enhanced safety. Sturdy and elegant.

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Saint-Gobain Mira

SGG Mira

SGG Mira is a reflective surface that combines dazzle and glitter to transform living spaces into majestic arenas of grandeur.

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Saint-Gobain mirrors are a versatile centre piece that cut downs the use of artificial light and add a shade of excitement to the space.

reflective mirror
Bathroom Mirror


100% real reflections of Saint-Gobain mirrors provide superior clarity to amp up the vanity.


Large size Saint-Gobain mirrors on the staircase fill the space with lighting and flair.

bedroom mirror
best wall mirror


Saint-Gobain mirrors blend perfectly with furniture to create aesthetic and functional interior designs.


Saint-Gobain mirrors transform traditional wardrobes into the functional and sophisticated decor.

decorative wall mirror
mirror for interior decor


The unique aesthetics of Saint-Gobain mirrors maximise the room lighting and increase the space’s aesthetics, being a simple and classic statement piece.


Saint-Gobain mirrors are distinctive pieces of decor that can visually broaden the space and add a versatile style.

wardrobe mirror
Wall Mirror


Saint-Gobain mirrors grouped with art on the wall of an entryway are a statement piece that will brighten up the ambience.


Saint-Gobain mirrors are a classy decor material that makes an aesthetic impact in a dining space. They bring a hint of sparkle and visual interest to the room.

Mirror for Interiors

Styles Of Cladding

accent cladding

Accent Cladding

Accent wall mirrors are a popular design element to make a statement. They are a vanity that adds style and functionality to the space.

mosaic cladding

Mosaic Cladding

The Mosaic wall cladding is assembling small pieces of glass to create a piece of art or image.


Frequently Asked Questions

The glass is carried by rollers and goes through the furnace. Three types of modes are used to heat the glass - conduction, convection and radiation. While the rollers help to conduct the heat, the coils enable radiation of heat. This ensures that the glass is evenly heated on every side. By blasting air on both the surfaces, the heated glass is then cooled uniformly.

Where to buy mirror glass? Where can I buy mirrors near me?

Backed by a heritage of 350 years, Saint-Gobain comes armed with expertise in mirrors. These mirrors come in four variants: Clear Mirror, High Definition Mirror, Bronze Mirror and Grey Mirror. Additionally, there are decor mirrors and LED Mirrors that can be purchased from Saint-Gobain. To locate the nearest Saint-Gobain authorised dealer in your city, click here. For any other query, please fill in the form.

Are mirrored walls outdated?

For Saint-Gobain, mirrors walls have existed since its existence. Mirrors are a classic addition to amp up glamour quotient of any interior space. The innate feature of mirrors is that it seamlessly blends in with different materials and keeps your interiors in vogue. Read more.

Where to buy antique mirror tiles? Where to buy a mirror without frame?

To locate the nearest Saint-Gobain authorised dealer, click here

Where to buy decorative mirrors/custom mirrors?

Saint-Gobain has a range of pre designed decorative mirrors under the business Mirror-Art. For custom made requirements, locate the nearest Saint-Gobain authorised dealer in your city here

How to buy a mirror? Can you get custom mirror sizes?

To locate the nearest Saint-Gobain authorised dealer, click here

Where can I buy bathroom mirrors?

Saint-Gobain mirrors are humidity resistant and highly durable. The range of clear mirrors and high definition mirrors is easily available with our authorized dealers. To locate your nearest Saint-Gobain authorised dealer, click here. For niche requirement such as LED Mirrors, please fill in the form.

How do I display a mirror in my living room?

Mirrors are simply versatile products for a living room. When positioned strategically, they tend to make spaces appear larger than they actually are. It can be used as wall art, accent wall, cabinet shutters, table top among several other applications. Explore various advantages of how mirror can be used to glam up your space..

Where to buy custom mirrors? Where to buy mirror glass cut to size near me?

To locate the nearest Saint-Gobain authorised dealer, click here




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