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Tinted Mirrors

What is a Tinted Mirror?

A tinted mirror, as the name implies, is a mirror that has a colored tint. Due to the presence of this colored hue within the glass, tinted mirrors may appear slightly darker compared to ordinary mirrors. The tint may vary in intensity, ranging from light to dark. These mirrors can be enhanced by various surface and edge value additions which make them more appealing. They can also be used in combination with clear mirrors or lacquered glasses to make the area look more pleasing.

Beyond their aesthetic value, tinted mirrors also serve a functional purpose, acting as an alternative to artwork. Thus, using tinted mirrors cleverly can significantly contribute to the perception of a larger space.

Types of Tinted Mirrors

These come in two variants: the light bronze mirror and the dark grey mirror. A light bronze mirror is a normal mirror with a light bronze color added to it. It may appear as a bronze hue. Similarly, the dark grey mirror is with a dark grey tint on a normal mirror. Check out our designer tinted mirror – The Silhouette.

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