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Toughened Glass Videos

To answer common questions and concerns like how safe and strong is Saint-Gobain toughened glass? We did few real life experiments, like:

When a Hammer met the Toughest !

The strongest player of any match! 🏏

This Valentine's Day, wishing clear strength to all relationships

Under expert supervision, we drove a jeep on Saint-Gobain toughened glass. Result – our toughened glass remained unharmed.

Challenged the Chennai Super Kings Academy to bowl on Saint-Gobain toughened glass. Result - the toughened glass did not break even under the tough bowling attack.

Saint-Gobain toughened glass could bear the load of three elephants and withstand high wind pressure, thanks to its 4X times impact-resistance and load-bearing capacity.


Saint-Gobain is credited for some of the most iconic campaigns that continue to remain relevant even today with a strong brand recall. Explore them below




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