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SGG Planiclip is an advanced fixing solution from Saint-Gobain that offers instant fixing and clean finish

SGG Planiclip brings together three types of clips (I, J1, J2), designed in a unique pattern to make glass installation hassle-free. Aided by easy installation with a dedicated applicator, it can be used to fix all types of glasses and mirrors. SGG Planiclip is especially conducive for use in quick renovation projects in areas that cannot be closed for long periods of time, like public spaces.

- I clip- Used between two glass panels

- J1 clip- Used at the base of the glass

- J2 clip- Used at the top of the glass

  • Saint-Gobain GlassInstant fixing

  • Saint-Gobain GlassSafe & strong

  • Saint-Gobain GlassGlossy finish

  • Saint-Gobain GlassLess substrates

  • Saint-Gobain GlassDesign friendly

  • Saint-Gobain GlassEasy Installation

  • Saint-Gobain GlassEnvironment Friendly

  • Saint-Gobain GlassPatented Design & Technolog


SGG Planiclip is a patented design of Saint-Gobain. As an advanced fixing solution, SGG Planiclip brings freedom from conventional methods like fixing plywood with messy adhesives; in a way, it helps in contributing towards substantial savings in wood. Its technically superior design makes even the most cumbersome glass installation process easy and hassle-free.


Mirror mounting

SGG Planiclip comes in handy for quick, easy and sturdy installation of mirrors.

Saint-Gobain Glass
Saint-Gobain Glass

Lacquered glass mounting

SGG Planiclip is ideally suited for the mounting of lacquered glass.

Range ‎

SGG Planiclip is available as J1 / J2/ I-Clips and T-Clip / IF-Clip / Corner Guard 




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