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Sealing glass partitions with tape

June 05, 2020
Last updated on June 09, 2023

How do you join glass with glass without the joint being glaringly visible? How do you work on patching glass without making it look like you actually worked on it?

Glassmate Clear Partition Tape from Saint-Gobain is just what you need to get those partitions sealed, with no mess, no visible joints and as clean as it can get. SGG Glassmate Clear Partition Tape is a clear acrylic tape specially designed for glass to glass bonding that ensures immediate, clean, transparent and long term adhesion.


Instant fixing | Clean finish | Easy installation with dedicated applicator | Brilliant acoustic properties


SGG Glassmate Clear Partition Tape can be used in the installation of Glass to Glass joining | Patching

Recommended substrates

All types of glass

Guidelines for installation

Step 1

Clean the edges of the glass thoroughly

Step 2

Use dedicated applicator for precise & fast application

Step 3

Apply Clear Partition Tape on the edge of the glass panel

Step 4

Press the tape using a roller to ensure uniform adhesion

Step 5

Remove the tape liner

Step 6

Bring the glass panels together & check the alignment

Step 7

Slide the glass panels to fix them together

Acoustical and Resistance Tests according to ETAG 003 test (Internal Partition Units) conducted at CSTB Labs (France)

On using SGG Glassmate Clear Partition Tape, tests revealed glass exhibiting exceptional degrees of acoustic insulation and resistance to loads. For instance, resistance to horizontal linear static load was tested for up to 50 daN/m and horizontal local static load was tested for up to 25 daN/m. A soft body impact test was done with 50 kg (from 120 J up to 900 J). A hard body impact test was also done with .5 Kg and 1 Kg (from 6 J up to 10 J).

The SGG Glassmate Clear Partition Tape passes stringent tests to give the perfect glass to glass bonding. Thanks to it, now, some bonds will last forever!





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