faceboo Riverfront Bliss: A Home Designed Around Breathtaking Vistas with Toughened Glass

Unveiling a Dream Home: Riverfront Paradise Designed Using Clear Toughened Glass

April 22, 2024
Last updated on May 03, 2024

Imagine waking up to a breathtaking river view every morning. This isn't just a dream; it's the reality for the lucky homeowners in Kerala of a stunning house designed by architect couple, Lijo Jos and his architect wife, Reny Lijo.

river view

Their focus on experiential spaces, the central role of the river, thoughtful and functional application of toughened glass makes this house a true masterpiece.

sliding Toughened clear glass partition design

This serves as a fantastic example of river view house design. The cohesive design seamlessly integrates the home with its natural surroundings, creating a truly unique and blissful living experience.

Designing Around the Breathtaking Vista

The clients were captivated by the property's riverfront location, and the Lijos were determined to incorporate the river into the design. To achieve this, they implemented several innovative techniques:

  • Seclusion by Design: Using vegetation to shield the house from the road creates a sense of privacy and tranquility, perfect for those seeking home decor that prioritizes peace and quiet.
  • Blending Indoor and Outdoor: Large glass openings almost 10 feet tall throughout the house blur the lines between interior and exterior, a concept also known as indoor-outdoor living, allowing the natural beauty of the river to take center stage. This design approach is becoming increasingly popular in modern home design in India.
  • Balancing Light and Privacy: A second screen of perforated metal frame placed strategically in front of the glass openings provides shade and privacy without compromising the light and the connection to the river. This multifunctional solution allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of natural light and a connection to nature while still maintaining privacy when needed.
sliding glass frame

Clear Views from Every Angle

The architects' commitment to maximizing the river view is evident in their use of clear toughened glass for doors, skylights, and windows throughout most of the house.

glass partitions in living room

Frosted glass is used in areas demanding privacy, like the bathrooms, and kitchen. This transparency allows for an uninterrupted connection with the natural world, making the river a constant presence in the home.

Frosted glass for bathroom

A Functional Layout with Breathtaking Vistas

The two storey house sits comfortably on a 30-cent property.

30 cent property

A central staircase leads to the upper level, which features a study area incorporated into the mid-landing.

study in the mid way of stair area

Every room on the upper floor, including the four bedrooms, bathrooms, and family space, boasts stunning river views.

toughened glass partitions for bedroom and balcony

The ground floor complements the upper level with a pool and a semi-open dining area, both designed to open up completely towards the river, creating a perfect indoor-outdoor living space. This layout is ideal for those who want to maximize their connection to the outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.

glass partitions in dining area

A Home that Inspires

This stunning house by Lijo Reny architects from Thrissur, Kerala, is a perfect example of how thoughtful design can create a home that is both functional and beautiful. By prioritizing the river view, using creative techniques and various types of glass to integrate into the design, the Lijos have crafted a truly special living space.

Inspired to create a home that embraces nature? While this home showcases a specific design, the concepts of maximizing light, incorporating nature, and creating a functional and aesthetic layout using glass of different types are universally applicable.

What inspires you the most about this riverside retreat?

Watch the video here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Craving a Closer Connection to Nature?

Many of us yearn for a stronger connection to the natural world. This house is a fantastic example of how glass can bridge that gap. By using large windows and strategically placed mirrors, the architects were able to create a seamless connection between the interior and the beautiful river landscape.

How can Skylights be used to Brighten Your Home with Natural Light?

The strategic use of glass skylights can significantly brighten your home. The design demonstrates how natural light can be a key design element, not just a source of illumination.


How can you balance privacy and openness in your home design?

The perforated metal screen and frosted glass featured in this design offer an elegant solution. It allows for natural light and a connection to the outdoors while still providing privacy when needed. This approach can be adapted to various interior and exterior design styles and functionalities.

Inspired by the riverfront concept and want to incorporate the same in your property?

The core principles behind the design – maximizing light, incorporating nature, and creating a functional layout – can be applied to any home. Consider incorporating large windows or skylights to bring in more natural light, utilize houseplants and nature-inspired décor, and create a layout that fosters a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces (e.g., a patio or balcony).




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