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Priva: Switchable Glass Partitions for Your Smart Home

April 03, 2024
Last updated on April 29, 2024

New-age design problems ask for smarter solutions. As modern living calls for adaptability and flexibility to cater to varying needs, glass proves to be one of the best materials for the mood board.

Glass as a material has pushed its own boundaries to move beyond the transparent and manifest itself in translucent, opaque and reflective forms to suit different needs. And with the advent of new-age technology, switchability has taken glass and its offerings to a whole new level.


Coworking Sant Magi in Palma, Spain by BARRI Studio

Adding the dimension of privacy at the click of a button, Saint-Gobain PRIVA is an intelligent solution to switch on privacy and flexibility effortlessly. While switchable glass is becoming increasingly popular in corporate and hospitality designs, it has paved its path into residential spaces as well. Just the flick of a switch in the high-tech glass is all it takes to deliver comfort while enhancing spatial efficiency. Be it a glass partition or a door, the active glass can instantly switch from transparent to opaque with smart technology.

PRIVA serves a plethora of applications in interior spaces. Let’s have a look at ways to incorporate this smart glass inside homes.

Building New Spaces with Smart Glass


Glass to build spaces? Yes, that’s right. PRIVA leaves you with the flexibility of adding a new “space within a space”. The smart glass can cover up the transparency and offer you a Private zone as and when needed.

Switchable Glass Partitions between the Bedroom & the Bathroom


Yard Apartment in Shanghai by Qisi Design

Have a bathroom worth showing off? How about dropping solid bathroom walls and opting for glass instead? Switchable glass partitions can be kept transparent to add to the plush aesthetic of the bedroom and when needed, can be visually separated. This design approach makes a one-of-its-kind statement while helping you retain privacy when required.

Developing an Office within a Home with Smart Glass Partitions


As the work-from-home trend continues, you can opt for smart glass office partitions and work without distractions. Whether you plan your office in the living room or set it up in an open-planned space, opt for PRIVA glass partitions and stay more focused during your work hours.

Between the Kitchen and Living Room

While open kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, there are often reservations about exposing an Indian kitchen in action. Especially in smaller areas and apartments, having an open kitchen can contribute greatly to a sense of space in the living area. The flexibility offered by PRIVA can be used to connect the kitchen to the living or dining areas and if it gets too messy in the kitchen, you just need to switch it on.

The switchable privacy of PRIVA is all you need to expand or contain spaces. So, go ahead, infuse smart glass technology and curate unparalleled designs - with just a flick of a switch.

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