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Modern kitchen with style and elegance using lacquered glass

June 05, 2020
Last updated on July 17, 2023

SGG Planilaque – The Red-hot flavour this season! It’s hot, it’s spicy and it will completely tickle your taste-buds.

No, we are not talking of what’s cooking in the kitchen. Rather, we are excited about what’s taking the modern kitchen by storm – the Red-hot flavour this season!

Yes, we are talking about Planilaque Evolution, Saint-Gobain’s range of lacquered & coloured glass for kitchen splashbacks.

The toast of the contemporary kitchen, SGG Planilaque is a sure-shot recipe for delightful kitchen interiors. Available in a whopping range of 15 colours, opt for the Planilaque Flame Red or Opera Red and team it up with some of the other subtle shades to energize the kitchen. This coloured glass for kitchen splashbacks has everything it takes to bring style, and spice, in the kitchen space.

SGG Planilaque for Kitchen Interior Design

What’s more, it can also be used as a kitchen countertop to add an element of elegance to kitchen interior design. As a coloured glass for kitchen splashbacks, Planilaque Opera Red and Flame Red are definitely a bold new style statement. They are eye-catching and help create a stunning persona all on its own, for the humble kitchen.

Is SGG Planilaque Easy to Clean?

But that’s not all. Besides revving up the glamour quotient, SGG Planilaque is the go-to-glass when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of Using SGG Planilaque in the Kitchen?

The kitchen, demanding as it were on being spick and span, calls for a material that can be maintained hassle-free. Planilaque scores high on this front, as it is resistant to heat, humidity and moisture. The lacquer on one side makes it durable and scratch-proof, so never mind the endless scrubbing and scraping that are a part and parcel of every kitchen.

Is SGG Planilaque Eco-Friendly?

When the rest of the interiors are graduating towards eco-friendly materials, why should the kitchen be left behind? With Planilaque Evolution, the kitchen can now be an environmentally sustainable zone too. Being lead-free, and having only marginal amounts of VOC, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic, it makes the kitchen safe for use.

So go on, set the trend and splash some colour with this coloured glass for kitchen splashbacks. With SGG Planilaque Evolution, the only thing colourful in the kitchen will not be the variety of spices; it will be the kitchen itself.

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Watch a short video here about benefits of using lacquered glass for kitchen shutters




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