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Decorative glass for furniture

June 05, 2020

Furniture: That almost inevitable fixture in all interior design projects. Whether you are doing up a home or designing the interiors of an office, coming up with novel ideas for modern furniture can be quite a tall order.

But on the positive side, this challenging task is also your chance at creating a lasting impression. Glass design has an appeal that is classic and contemporary at the same time, and furniture in glass is sure to make a stunning effect. And what better way to impress than with the innovative, new range of Glass for Furniture from Saint-Gobain Glass?!

coloured glass

Yes, get set to revolutionize furniture design with Saint-Gobain. The glass various types of glass have been thoughtfully designed for different applications. So whether it is for table tops or countertops, wardrobes or cupboards, there is something for everything. Be it home furniture or office furniture, the exhaustive range of glass for modular furniture is just what you are looking for when it comes to interior design ideas.

Decorative glass for furniture can work wonders to enhance its visual appeal. For those of your clients with a more elaborate taste in furniture, there is a range of patterned glass from Saint-Gobain that you can recommend. SGG Décor glass bring in that dash of creativity to furniture with glass. These translucent glasses come with interesting geometrical patterns. They are well-suited for furniture like table tops, counter tops, modular cabinets, partitions, tables, modular furniture, in kitchen designs, etc.


The glass, with its translucence and satin-like texture lends an unparalleled sophistication to glass furniture. If the clear, clean look is what your customer would prefer, you could suggest the SGG Planilux. A float glass for furniture, it is ideal for table tops, coffee tables, etc. Then there is also the SGG Diamant, an extra clear glass best suited for vanity cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, glass shelves, table tops, counter tops, etc.

Coloured glass or lacquered glass adds more glamour to an otherwise mundane looking piece of furniture. Choose from different colours, textures and patterns to exponentially enhance the aesthetics of furniture.  Moreover, furniture is not just about visual appeal, but also about utility. So the material needs to be easily installed, cleaned and maintained, which is precisely what glass is capable of. What’s more, glass is moisture-free and scratch-resistant, adding to the durability factor. So, go ahead and make a style statement with glass in furniture and make an impression that truly lasts!