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5 Quick Tips To Use Mirror To Your Best Advantage

June 05, 2020
Last updated on November 02, 2023

There is a common fallacy when it comes to usage of MIRRORS for just practical purposes. Think of it again, is it just for examining our appearance, examining what is behind us on the road, building magnificent skyscrapers, and making scientific research instruments, such as microscopes and lasers, or is there more?

Take this; if you’re unhappy with a situation, the one thing you avoid is mirrors. You hate confronting yourself, and it only furthers your anger. The inner critic in you overpowers your body and mind and you decide mirroring the ideal situation is never going to be possible, but that’s untrue!

Ironically, researchers have identified that in a gloomy situation mirror can be your best friend, helping you regain your confidence.

How to use mirror to your best advantage:

1. Embrace a mirror mantra

It is inevitable to avoid mirror in the morning, from daily norms of brushing your teeth, after a shower, etc. An inspiration quote or words of wisdom will get you kick started for the day. These types of mirror messages help in building self-esteem. Putting up different messages will inspire you for starting afresh each day.


2. Dance or Work out- facing a mirror

Be your own cheerleader! Giving yourself the due credit for every effort you put in any form of work out or  dance. There is no embarrassment or no hiding that should subsist. Do the squats, push-ups, groove and watch how hard your body is working. It will not only help in motivating you, but will also get you right posture and improvise further.

Mirror Glass

3. Recuperate body language

Actions speak louder than words, always known seldom explained. When you are in a gloomy frame of mind, your body will say it louder than your words. Changing it is as easy as looking you into the mirror and correcting the flaws. It doesn’t call for radical changes, but simple changes such as how your hand gestures are when you are standing straight,are your arms crossed when you sit by a table. By something as simple as to glance at the mirror and give a smile will make you look radiant. You get used to this on a daily basis, and you will learn more about your body. Necessary adjustments made will make you more amiable and confident to present yourself.


4. Mirrorfie time

Belonging to the smartphone age, we cannot get away without including trending subjects. This may sound eccentric, but look yourself in mirror with a dear or near one and let them say what they see. Have you observed how the reel life beauties or hunk look god and goddess to you and then you feel you are nowhere close? Guess what? They have been seeing themselves through your eyes, and it is the fans that make them so popular. In real life it is the confident you that defines you. Hear the true words from your mirror companion and take a MIRRORFIE to cease the moment.


5. Hi-Quality Mirror

Have you noticed some mirrors make you feel exceptionally good and the others make you feel dull and perplexing? No there is nothing wrong with your vision- all mirrors are not equal. There are different varieties in mirror, some mirrors are brighter whereas some are dull, some have a pleasant look and the others have a distorted look. A poor mirror gives a poor reflection and does not represent your true-self.



SGG Miralite Revolution; would be an ideal match for regaining your confidence.

To achieve brighter reflection Saint-Gobain uses its custom clear glass with least iron content. Crafted from distinct grade of base glass it is exempted of any waviness or fuzzy reflections. A revolutionary process of uniform coating and unparalleled protective back paint makes it highly durable. In harmony with nature, the mirrors from SGG Miralite Revolution is free of lead and arsenic along with low VOC. The range comprises clear and extra clear mirror, further expanding into two tinted mirrors: Grey and Bronze.

You may say Mirror is not looking back at me unless this is a fairytale, but try this reel to real mirror and tell us if you loved thyself a little more or not!





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