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Glass makeover in corporate office

June 06, 2020
Last updated on June 19, 2023

Saint-Gobain Inspire at Dell, Noida

Inside Dell at Noida, you will be forgiven for forgetting you have just entered a corporate office. The staid, drab, corporate look is a thing of the past. Get ready to welcome yourself into a space that is sure to take you by surprise. Yes, the unmistakable stamp of innovative glass in the corporate office is paving the way for glitzy interiors as offices ready themselves to be completely overhauled.

Sophistication greets you at first sight – right there, in the lift lobbies.  Saint-Gobain Inspire’s Planilaque glazes the lift lobbies in Titanium Grey with an elegance that makes a quiet, but powerful statement. The columns, clad again in Planilaque, are an evidence to the increasingly interesting uses of glass in the corporate office. While we are at it, do not miss out on the writing boards. Call them whiteboards, if you will, except that they too are glazed! In Planilaque Extra White.

If you are still marvelling at the new-found uses of glass, maybe you should make your way to the pantry. That burst of Planilaque Flame Red panelled on the walls is not what you would have expected, but what a vibrant space to walk into, don’t you agree? With 600 sqm of Planilaque used in the project, glass, more than just makes its presence felt.

But then, all that show of glass in the corporate office is not just about catching eyeballs. There is more to it than meets the eye. SGG Planilaque packs a lot of punch to be the-best-in-class-glass that it is. With environmental sustainability on top of every corporate’s priority list, Planilaque nails it with its eco-friendly attributes; it is low on VoC and lead-free to boot. This coloured and lacquered glass is highly durable, moisture-resistant and scratch-proof as well.

As you leave the Dell office, find yourself reflecting on the contemporary new uses of glass in the corporate office.. Who knows, your next time round at another office might reveal some more refreshing ideas in glass? With Saint-Gobain’s Inspire range, you never know!

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