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Brighten Up Your Kids Bedroom with Different Types of Glass

February 05, 2024
Last updated on February 21, 2024

Kids bedroom is their sanctuary. It is the place where they spend most of their time and needless to say, it should be a functional space but also one that represents their sparkling personality. With glass, it is possible to create a room full of character that stimulates these curious minds. A material like glass has infinite possibilities, breathing life into any space.

Here is how you can make your kid's bedroom using different types of glass a perfect haven of inspiration!

Glass is a Canvas for Creativity!

Keeping kids busy while helping them experiment and grow is a task for every parent. Glass writing boards are a hassle-free way to churn their curiosity. Your kids can draw, write or doodle without the fear of creating a mess. The easy-to-use SGG Glassnote Slim from Saint-Gobain comes with durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean lacquered glass that allows creativity to glide. To make it safer for younger kids and toddlers, the glass writing boards have rounded edges.


Source - Lintex

The best part of installing this writing board is that it remains with your children as they grow up.

Bonus: You don't have to worry about paper wastage for their everyday artistic undertakings!

Lacquered Glass is the Jack of all Trades

Colours are an instant hit with kids. Add a colourful charm to your kids’ bedroom with lacquered glass. It is a modern and sleek option with a glossy finish that will uplift the mood of any space. It comes in a wide range of colours that can be mixed and matched to create a perfect burst of vibrancy. From wardrobe shutters to wall claddings, lacquered glass adds the right touch of character to any room. Wall panels can be combined with a magnetic backing to double up as interactive play walls! 

Minh Nhat KT

Source - Minh Nhat KT

Tinted Glass to the Rescue

A versatile material like tinted glass and a sprinkle of creativity can create a masterpiece for your kids’ bedroom! Colours dance when light passes through tinted glass.

Lovely Indeed

Source - Lovely Indeed

Adding tinted glass to doors and windows can make a bold statement.

AIS Designs

Source - AIS Designs

The tint of the glass can be complemented by the design of the room. It allows privacy while adding a dash of drama and play.

Look Up for Inspiration

If you want the ceiling to accentuate curiosity and learning, then consider installing a segmented lacquered glass feature in the bedroom. It not only introduces an array of colours but reflects light off its glossy finish which helps the room look brighter and adds an illusion of depth. With UV printing technology, add customized graphics to the walls and ceilings and create the dreamland your loved one will cherish!

Installation of glass in interiors reaps excellent results in the long run. Glass remains easy to clean, which is a necessity in a kids bedroom. Integrating glass while designing interior spaces and smartly complementing different types of glass with other materials can create a space that accommodates change as your kid grows up.

Glass remains a timeless material that has found its presence in the past, and present, and with its versatility, will continue to be an inherent part of modern times.

Author Byline:

Ar. Shivanie Khanka is a passionate and versatile individual with a flair for writing, design, and photography. She is a curious soul and is always looking to learn from her experiences. She has pursued her undergraduate education at MITS, Gwalior.




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