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How To Create Unique Designs With Glass And Diverse Materials

January 30, 2024
Last updated on April 15, 2024

Mixing materials is a form of art. It can transform large expanses of similar, continuous designs into distinct panoramas in architecture. Creating the right combination of materials is a craft. Glass has characterized the architecture of this century like no other. Versatile in nature, it blends seamlessly with other materials. The use of glass in the residential and commercial sectors is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Here we have got some tried and tested ways of incorporating glass with other materials!

Glass and Exposed Concrete

Glass and Exposed Concrete

Glass in Colourful Tones against the Exposed Concrete Base Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Concrete is the perfect building material for a variety of structures and leaving it exposed is becoming a trend. Glass complements the austere appearance of exposed concrete and provides for bright and elegant-looking interiors. Bring in that touch of vibrance with lacquered glass to give a dynamic twist to the otherwise muted palette of exposed concrete to take on a design style that is sophisticated and modern.

With high edge strength and extreme protection, toughened glass is suitable for large windows, doors, skylights and even floors! While the windows and skylights will allow ample flow of natural light into spaces and help in cutting the cost of those electricity bills, Lacquered glass will bring in that much needed factor of surprise to the interiors!

Glass and Metal

Glass and metal

Glass partitions with aluminum frame (Source - AMA)

If you are someone who enjoys contemporary designs, glass has you covered. The combination of glass and metal has yielded some striking designs in modern interiors. Glass partitions are an ideal solution for creating well-lit, ventilated private spaces. Etched, Tinted and Textured glass come in many color profiles and provide these benefits whilst maintaining privacy. Metal frames add a bold touch of urban character and complement light-colored walls. The combination of glass with metal frames can be implemented in partitions and external facades alike.

Mirrors and Natural Stone

Mirrors and Natural Stone

Mirror and marble in balancing proportions (Source - Gina Ciancio)

Natural stones have been used in construction for over a millennium. These exquisite stones are water-resistant and offer high compressive strength. No wonder the Romans were in love with this material! Teaming stone and mirror can create magic.

Mirrors create the illusion of a large expanse and cut down the use of artificial light. The continuity of a full-length mirror balances a dramatic marble countertop, while an entire mirror clad wall sits gracefully on a stone floor shown here.

With SGG Mirasafe, you can now wash away your worries of safety, chipping and breakage while using oversized mirrors! Mirrors lighten up a palette while using dark stones like granite and equally complement lighter stones by reflecting the textures. Etched mirrors add a dimension of depth to plain mirrors and can work wonders with rough finishes too.

Glass with Wood

Glass with wood

Tinted Mirrors and Wood finish ceiling (Source - Midas Luxury Interiors)

Wood has been a part of construction and design since times immemorial and provides an earthy feel and serves various benefits. To spruce up any room you can add rich wooden finishes teamed with versatile glass to create the perfect balance. The plain difference in their composition allows both materials to harmoniously complement each other.

Tinted mirrors are an excellent choice for this combination. The warmth of SGG Mira Gold when teamed with the antiquity of wood can create an aura of grandeur. Toughened glass is four times stronger than annealed glass. It also provides high thermal resistance and can be used for the perfect classic partition design along with wooden frames.

Glass and Bricks

Glass and bricks

Fusion of glass blocks and bricks (Source - Design Anthology)

Glass blocks or glass bricks are building materials of pressed glass made to resemble building blocks. The texture of the glass blocks can provide a wide range of transparency according to your need. They are strong and scratch resistant with thermal insulation.

These glass blocks can elevate the look of any space when paired with brick. The contrasting textures and opacities between glass and brick make them ideal companions. You can also experiment with coloured glass from the SGG Planilaque range to arrive at the right combination to add contrast or add similar tints as bricks for interior spaces!

Now let those creative juices flow. Immerse yourself in creating bespoke spaces with these versatile material combinations and glass!

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