faceboo Saint-Gobain’s Décor Glass- perfectly suited as glass partition

Glass partitions in gyms

June 05, 2020
Last updated on July 12, 2023

SGG Decor Glass – Enhancing Interior Design

What does delicate glass have to do in the rough & tough terrain of the gymnasium…What seemingly looks like an unlikely match, is actually evidence of the multi-faceted roles that glass is increasingly playing across various spaces.

Yes, the translucent glass is now transcending traditional uses to be seen in new, innovative avatars. As glass partitions in gyms, for instance.

Saint-Gobain’s Décor Glass is a patterned glass that is textured on one of its surfaces. Ideal for use in a variety of applications, it is perfectly suited as glass partitions in gyms. It separates areas and provides optimum light while protecting privacy. Hence it gives the sense of increased space in smaller areas by diffusing and spreading light as well as creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere by screening direct sight or vision.

As glass partitions in gyms, SGG Décor Glass subtly transmits light and creates a contemporary ambience. It is available in a wide variety of patterns and colours, enabling varied styles and variations based on application. It is thus the right mix of form and function, lending utility as well as aesthetics at the same time.

Based on its use as glass partitions in gyms, SGG Décor Glass can be edge worked, curved, silvered, enamelled, toughened/laminated for safety, assembled into double-glazed units for thermal insulation and incorporated into SGG Stadip Silence acoustic PVB safety laminated glass.

SGG Décor Glass comes in 4 variants – Kyoto, Listral K, Waterdrop and Estradio. Choose from the series of interesting patterns & colours, and find the glass partitions in gyms come alive, refreshed & rejuvenated…




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