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Mumbai Muse: A Luxurious Abode Redefined By Glass And Light

February 26, 2024
Last updated on April 24, 2024
Living Room

Living Room (Source: B and A Design Studio)

This luxury apartment in Mumbai by B and A Design Studio is an amalgamation of efforts by a team of driven storytellers, for whom spaces translate as the embodiment of ideas and words. The apartment sits on the busy skyline of Mumbai and in its own right, provides a peaceful abode for the family to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The design concept of the apartment responds to the mindset of the client. Their cultural influences govern the energy of the house and also become the genesis of the creative process.

The house welcomes one with a pathway leading to the puja room, where a large Pichwai-art feature wall framed in glass, greets everyone. This space reflects the family’s values and acts as a gathering space for everyone. Arches and supporting columns frame the pathway, defining an impactful entrance.

Pathway leading to mandir

Pathway leading to puja room (Source: B&D architects)

The juxtaposition of elements create picturesque frames in the house. Each design element responds to a category of a particular layer. Glass and mirrors as the reflective layers add glamour and a sense of vastness to the space and are complemented by solid layers of Satvario tiles and veneers. The wide collection of artworks add an aesthetic layer, enhancing the colour palette while complementing the solid and reflective layers.


Bedroom (Source: B&A Design Studio)

The material palette sets a thoughtful tone for the house. The elegant combination of glass, metal, and marble is constant throughout the home. Every space in the house is woven differently with the primary palette of materials, to bring out the individual character of each space.

“I personally feel glass is a game-changer. From making the spaces look brilliant to one that makes us feel brilliant”, says Raveena Baheti, Senior Interior Designer, B&A Design Studio.

Reflective surfaces in the living area

Reflective surfaces in the living area (Source: B&A Design Studio)

The extension of glass as a design element is seen throughout the living room. Large windows let in ample natural light, while providing unobstructed vistas of the city’s skyline; glass railing and sliding windows form a semi-open balcony area that becomes an extension of the living room, and decorative mirrors, add to the touch of sophistication.

A very unique element that one can’t help but notice, is a large panel of tinted glass, behind which a television screen is concealed, creating a seamless and stylish entertainment unit for the family that loves to watch movies together and host guests.

The tinted glass statement paneling for the TV makes the space appear wider and smarter. A thoughtful approach to the use of glass reflects the creative thought process behind it.

Glass is also seen in various innovative forms in other areas. Columns in the house have been clad with mirrors to make spaces appear larger while concealing structural elements, and glass partitions ensure spaces are divided, yet visually interconnected.

Glass Wardrobe Shutters

Glass Wardrobe Shutters (Source: B&A Design Studio)

The primary material palette makes its way into every room, distinctively. Each bedroom is like a fingerprint, unique to its user.

The blend of European and Indian elements makes it a modern and luxurious abode. The master suites of the house have a minimalist look with black metal and glass partitions, and wardrobes. Golden fixtures take the front seat in the master bath, complementing the glass partitions and mirrors.

On the other hand, the daughter's room has a rose gold palette, with shades of grey and pink. The pastels are in harmony with the user's liking.The aesthetic palette of the house is enhanced with artworks framed in glass and decorative mirrors.

Walk-in Closets and Bathrooms

Walk-in Closets and Bathrooms (Source: B&A Design Studio)

Through the simple, yet strong combination of glass, metal and marble, this house redefines the idea of luxury and sets the narrative for the future.

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