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6 Easy design tips for christmas

June 05, 2020
Last updated on June 14, 2023

Think Christmas, think the most cheerful time of the year! You know it's Christmas when it is Red & White all over, there are lights all around and everything looks bright and beautiful. Yes, it's that time of the year when it's time to make merry, bring in the new and ring out the old.

Quick Tips:

Christmas Tree: The first thing to be sorted is a Christmas Tree. Has there been any Christmas celebration without a Christmas tree? Be it a small medium or big, pick one as per your space. Add decorative items such as tinsels, stockings, hooks and gifts. For a visual treat opt for colours as per theme of the room that would ensure a synchrony.

christmas tree


Wall Decor: The thing of utmost importance! Imagine a painted wall that has faced regular wear and tear, close to Christmas; disappointing ain’t it? In a scenario such as these we appreciate products like Lacquered glass. These are easily the ideal option for wall paneling. Glass panelled walls ensure a lifelong fresh glossy look that is easy to maintain. Moreover, lacquered glass not only eliminate the need for paint but are also durable and aesthetically pleasing. For that extra X-masy feel, opt for the signature colours of Christmas to clad your walls - SGG Planilaque in Extra White/Ultra White and Opera Red/Flame Red are among the palette from Saint-Gobain to add the hues and shades that so reflect the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. Well, no one promised holidays through the year, but what you can do is enjoy the X-mas vibe as if every single day was Christmas! What, really? Yes, with Saint-Gobain's suite of glazing solutions, Christmas is here to stay!

wall decor


Flowers: Flowers are one of the most traditional approaches for décor but they are for the wins. Real flowers are not only expensive but also go stale quicker, opt for artificial flowers which look fresh always and can also be reused.



Brightly LIT: Lighting is crucial for festive feels as it not illuminates the space but also uplifts the mood of people around. Thus twinkle lights are placed around the tree and windows. But why should lights be limited to X-mas or any festivity? Leave no stone unturned to have the right lighting in every corner of the house. SGG Aspira, LED mirrors from Saint-Gobain are available in various sizes and designs to suit your needs. Place LED Mirrors as a decorative piece in living area or go beyond and place as impressive utility in bathrooms.



Photoframes: We like family games but we love family conversations. Place photo frames with pictures of dear and loved ones across the living area. What better way to have a family time than reminiscing in comfort of old memories? This element adds the most beautiful personal touch to the décor.



Safe 'n' Secure: Last and definitely not the least, with winter and X-mas, all one can visualize is a homely and family time around the fire place and only intrusion that should be allowed is by Santa’s visit. Avoid every other kind of intrusion with Vetrogard high security glass that guarantees protection from acts of vandalism and burglary. This Christmas, gift yourself a few tips that are for Christmas day and the rest that allows you the Christmas vibe all year around.






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