faceboo 5 Home Design Tips to Make Your Home Feel Closer to Nature

Let nature into your home with these 5 home design tips

January 22, 2022
Last updated on May 04, 2023

Living the city life can often make us feel disconnected from nature. As people spend more time indoors, now more than ever, it is important to stay connected to nature. Including elements of nature can contribute to your general well-being and promote a healthy, happy living environment.

There are a few innovative ways to bring nature right into your house. Let’s look at some of the easy modifications you can make in your home to feel closer to nature.

Add plants around the house for some greenery

If you have a soft corner for plants and have a habit of frequenting local nurseries, this is your cue to incorporate them into your home decor. It is a solid design element that will make you feel connected to nature.

Plants help make a space feel comfortable and cozy and are also excellent home decor elements that transform a simple room into a thoughtfully designed space. You can place them on toughened glass shelves that are sturdy and whose finish can brilliantly complement the decor.


greenary home


Install large windows for optimal natural light

We often underestimate the power of windows and natural light in making us feel connected to nature outside. 

From the chirping of birds to the swaying of trees in a light breeze, a large window can help you feel a connection to the world outside right from the comfort of your couch.

We recommend looking into energy-efficient windows, which offer you all the benefits of a traditional window but with the added benefit of cutting down the heat and keeping the interiors cool.


interiors cool


Consider getting a glass partition for your living room

Glass partitions are a popular design element that can make a room feel more spacious and airier. They help diffuse the natural light in the room and create an ambient experience that can relax your senses.

Toughened glass partitions are an excellent and safe choice. In the rare case of breakage, a toughened glass breaks into tiny blunt glass pieces and does not pose any potential danger to you or your family. Hence one major benefit of installing Toughened glass in home, it is completely safe.


glass partition


Incorporate the colours of nature in your home

There are specific colors that remind us of nature and have a soothing effect on our senses. You can incorporate these colors in your home decor to evoke a feeling of being surrounded by natural elements.

For example, you can use a green lacquered glass accent wall for your kitchen, which will make you feel like you are in the midst of greenery. Take this a step ahead by adding a few potted herb plants to your kitchen. Not only will they bring some greenery to your decor, but you can always turn to them for some fresh herbs for your daily cooking.


lacquered glass

Nature themed accents and wall art for your decor

If feeling connected to nature is an essential aspect of your life, and you want your home decor to reflect your love for nature, then this is the best way to do it.

Invest in nature-themed accents like wall hanging, posters, lamps, and even furniture furnishings. You can also consider commissioning a full-length nature-themed mural on your wall, which can be an excellent statement piece for that room.

Those were some quick and innovative ways to incorporate nature into your home. If you are looking for glass finish options in natural colors and design inspirations to craft a nature connected home, head over to the Saint-Gobain gallery for a vast range of interior design ideas.





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