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Designer finish for glass table tops

June 05, 2020
Last updated on May 24, 2023

Glass for table tops - Style atop Sophistication

Glass for table tops even has the potential to enhance the overall interior design sensibilities.

In contrast to other conventionally used material, glass creates a contemporary look and adds to the visual aesthetics.

Glass for table tops can look arresting in any form. Be it in clear glass or patterned glass, the table top assumes a personality of its own.

The Saint-Gobain Glass range includes coloured glass which can be paneled to table tops, textured glass which gives a unique texture and contemporary look for furniture and patterned glass which brings a designer finish to table tops.

In fact, SGG Baldosa Grabada – the patterned glass from the Decor glass series – is best suited for table tops.

As the ideal glass for table tops, SGG Baldosa Grabada adds a touch of design element with its variety of patterns. The glass comes in various thicknesses and can be used for table tops in hotels, guest rooms, lounges, etc.

Why glass for table tops?

Glass for table tops is perfect for the advantages it offers.

  • It is an aesthetically superior material that looks decorative and adds class to the table top.
  • Reflecting both light and colour, it exponentially enhances the overall look and feel of the ambiance.
  • Beyond the visual appeal, glass for table tops is also functionally beneficial.
  • It is not just easy to install, but is also hassle-free on the maintenance front.
  • Resistant to moisture and scratches.
  • It is a highly durable material too with an optimum mechanical strength.





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