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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most lit of them all?

June 09, 2020
Last updated on April 15, 2024

Mirrors are us. They reflect our thoughts, our moods and mood swings. Smile and they smile back at you, frown and you receive the same. They can be our best friend, if we only let them be. They can be our confidante and they can instil that rare confidence in us.

Mirrors are unlike any other furniture or fixtures in the home. Simply because, they are not merely placements, but have a life of their own, only through our reflection in them. What if mirrors could brim with more life, more light and more brightness?


Well, that is precisely what you would see with the latest range of LED mirrors from Saint-Gobain. With built-in LED lights in a mirror, not only have we pioneered the technology but also crafted it with a royal touch to create mirrors of the millennium. Presenting to you, our range of regal luminaries with SGG Aspira.

While aesthetics make for the beauty, SGG Aspira's unique features demonstrate the practicality offered by the mirrors to your life and your home.

  • High Definition Mirror
  • LED Lighting that doesn’t only make your space glamorous but illuminates you too
  • Safe IP 55 so that your LED system stays unaffected so that you can use in your bathroom too
  • Smart Defogger to show you in perfect clarity even after that hot shower!
  • Easy to use – It is a ‘Do it Yourself’ just buy it, hang it.
  • Sleek with just 28 mm Thickness
  • Saves Energy & Eco Friendly
  • Long Life

SGG Aspira offers much more than what meets the eye, so the next time you hear the fairy tale verse, this is what you are most likely to tell our aesthetically crafted mirrors,

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,You’re the most lit of them all.’

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Authored by
Shiza Christie

Shiza Christie is an Architect - and Urban Designer, an observer of the phenomenon of time, and forever enchanted by the power of words. Read More




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