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How to Design a Luxurious Spa-Style Bathroom

March 27, 2021
Last updated on May 30, 2023

The bathroom is one of the only areas of the home where we get to spend some quality me time. So won’t it be stunning if we could transform this private area into a blissful spa-like space? The best part about a bathroom spa is that it not only has a soothing decor but also rejuvenates the mind and body. Use this guide to create a tranquil bathroom spa which allows you to detox and de-stress on a daily basis.


Shower Enclosure


Create a Luxurious Shower Area

For a spa-style bathroom, soaking in the bathtub is the embodiment of ultimate luxury. However, with bathrooms becoming increasingly smaller for most urban Indian homes, it is increasingly difficult to accommodate a bathtub. Therefore, the go-to solution for a seamless and luxurious showering experience is the installation of a shower enclosure. To elevate this sensational experience further, one can introduce a rainshower-style shower with a steam function and built-in seating within the shower enclosure.


Shower Enclosure


Use Tactile Surfaces

Tactile surfaces add warmth and infuse an earthy look which is perfect for creating an organic spa-like feel. Nothing beats the beauty of natural wood so introduce wood in the form of deck flooring for the shower enclosure, as floating shelves or for the built-in storage. Add a tactile quality into the decor by creating an accent wall in natural stone cladding, introduce loose pebbles within a small section of the flooring. The spa aesthetics may include the creative use of bamboo or a small waterfall which creates a peaceful vibe within the space.


Shower Enclosure


Add Natural Greens

Bring in potted plants as natural greenery is one of the most affordable ways to create a relaxed spa-like feel. Another advantage is that the plants release oxygen and enhance the indoor air quality of the bathroom. It is advisable to go for indoor plants like succulents, ferns and aloe vera which are easy to maintain and can thrive in a moist and steamy environment.


Shower Cubicle


Introduce Warm Lighting

Bring in plenty of natural light and infuse a soft look with warm lighting. Install stylish pendant lights, sculptural lights or a chandelier to get the perfect spa-like feel. Recessed lighting is another great way to introduce lighting without being too distracting or bright.


Shower Cubicle


Bathroom Essentials

Bring in a relaxing vibe with potpourri, scented candles, luxurious toiletries and sweet smelling fragrance. For an authentic spa feel purchase soft and fluffy white towels and roll the towels instead of folding them.


Shower Cubicle


Remove Clutter

Go minimalist and create a clutter free space in your spa-style bathroom. Keep the countertops clear and introduce built-in storage to create a clean and well-organised decor. All the toilet accessories should be on shelves, within niches or tucked inside the drawers and cabinets.


Shower Enclosure


Display Art

Introduce artwork as it is one of the most important features which complete the look of a bathroom spa. Hang a large painting on a wall or introduce a wall sculpture to add a whole new dimension to the bathroom decor.


Shower Enclosure


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