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How the right glass can protect you from UV rays

May 17, 2020
Last updated on June 09, 2023

It is no exaggeration, but living in today's times, we do not even have the luxury to roam lazily on a warm sunny day... much to the ridicule of our elders who chide us for being too panicky about the Sun's rays. But the fact remains that the harmful effects of UV rays are no exaggeration either. So, what has changed over a generation, that is keeping us away from getting our daily dose of Vitamin D? It is the gradual thinning of the Earth's Ozone layer, or Ozone depletion, as we call it, that is responsible for increasing the amount of Ultra-Violet radiation. This increased radiation that reaches the Earth's surface causes the incidence of skin cancer, eye cataracts, and genetic and immune system damage.

uv rays

Why should we protect ourselves from UV rays?

1. Impact on Eyes

UV radiation increases the likelihood of certain cataracts. If left untreated, cataracts can even lead to blindness.

2. Impact on Skin and Immune System

Overexposure to UV radiation can potentially suppress the proper functioning of the body’s immune system. The skin is designed to defend the body against foreign invasion, from premature aging and infections to cancers. However, continued exposure to UV rays can weaken the immune system and as a result, the skin's natural defence against these invaders.

3. Impact on Mood

Not all effects of UV radiation manifest themselves physically on the human body. One of the hazardous effects of UV rays is the impact it has on mental health. These rays can trigger photophobia, causing headaches, anxiety, and in worse cases, even depression.

It is not just the outdoors that makes us prone to the harmful effects of UV rays. Even within the confines of our homes and offices, we are at risk of exposing ourselves to UV radiation.

How to protect yourself indoors from UV Rays?

To counter the harmful effects of UV rays, we need to use the right type of reflective glass that while allowing optimum daylight to pass through, cuts radiation and reflects away heat.

Among the biggest advantages of reflective glass is its ability to provide solar control and glare control. This is particularly advantageous as it disallows harmful UV rays. Therefore, reflective glass goes a long way in ensuring occupant comfort, health and safety. Because it prevents the entry of UV rays into the interiors, reflective glass for windows is among its most popular uses.

Applications of reflective glass

  • Reflective glass windows
  • Reflective glass doors
  • Reflective glass facades
  • Skylights

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So, stay safe, and let the sun bring rays of sunshine and not UV rays!




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