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Innovative design creates lasting impression

June 06, 2020
Last updated on June 19, 2023

Saint-Gobain Inspire at SLN Terminus, Hyderabad

At the heart of Hyderabad’s fastest growing business corridor, Gachibowli, is the SLN Terminus. A mixed use facility that encompasses retail, residential, business and dining spaces, it is a confluence that represents the new face of India’s most recently born state, Telangana. From posh exteriors to plush interiors, the spotlight once again finds itself on glass in the public space. Saint-Gobain’s Planilaque, coloured and lacquered glass has been used extensively in a myriad of colours to up the glamour ante at the SLN Terminus.

With more than 100 MNCs in the vicinity and close to the Botanical Garden and several residential areas, SLN Terminus attracts an impressive footfall. The interiors team has joined hands to leave a stamp of style with the usage of lacquered glass in the public arena. A dedicated F&B segment on Level 3 provided ample scope to create a superlative ambiance that would cater to visitors across demographics. The F&B tenants of SLN Terminus get to capitalize on an efficient Building Management System (BMS) that has been designed to protect restaurateurs’ interest and help in short-term & long-term viability and sustenance.

Serafina, the globally renowned Italian fine-dine restaurant chose SLN Terminus as the address for its first outlet in Hyderabad. To align with the international appeal, the entire dining floor was well anointed with the choicest glass from the Saint-Gobain Inspire’s stable. The lift lobbies, wall panels, pillars and writing boards wore SGG Planilaque with style, making glass in the public space, stand out with exceptional class. 220 sqm of Planilaque was used in shades of Ultra White, Fusion Orange, Titanium Grey, and Black.

The cosmetic aspect aside, SGG Planilaque packs a host of value-added benefits as well. It is lead-free and contains only negligible amounts of VoC, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable material. It is scratch-proof and moisture-resistant too, therefore making it the perfectly suited glass for interiors in the public domain.

As one of Hyderabad’s hotspots, SLN Terminus has something for everyone – from discerning shoppers to fine diners, from top corporates to high-end residents. By using Saint-Gobain Inspire’s Planilaque, the best-in-class glass for the public space, the developers have added value to one of the most coveted addresses in the capital city.

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