faceboo 6 Innovative Glass Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

6 Ways to instantly glam up your living room

May 09, 2022
Last updated on March 29, 2024

Your living room is probably the one space that deserves the most attention when it comes to interior design. To make an everlasting first impression, let's put some thought into how it can look more attractive and elegant.

If you want to add a touch of glamor to your living space but don’t know where to start, here are a few design tips you can explore.

State-of-the-art TV unit

A glamorous TV unit can quickly become a statement piece in your living room. With the use of colorful lacquered glass, you can design your TV unit to match the rest of the room’s color palette and design aesthetic. The stunning glass finish will make the unit look even more attractive. Additionally, a glass TV unit is durable, resistant to wear and tear, and super easy to clean and maintain.

glam up your living room

An elegant coffee table

Ditch your plain, old wooden table and look for coffee tables that embody luxury and elegance. No other material looks classier than glass. This is why a glass coffee table in a unique design would make an excellent addition to your decor.

We recommend a clear, lacquered, or tinted glass coffee table with a modern base that complements your couch set. You can further decorate the table with a vase, a showpiece, or a minimal decorative bowl.

table top glass

Accent wall in lacquered glass

It's trendy to have a statement furniture piece in your living room, like a great couch or an interesting piece of art. However, what really steals the cake is an entire wall that makes a statement in itself. For example, an accent wall in lacquered glass would look elegant, stately and have a stunning effect on the overall decor of your living room. You can go for a unique pattern or choose a vibrant monotone that complements the color scheme of the remaining space.

lacquered wall paneling

Clear or Tinted glass partitions

A partition helps segregate a space according to its use and adds an aesthetic element to the decor.

Adding a partition in your living room separates the entryway from the rest of the room. It brings a degree of transparency to your home. Tinted glass partitions can be interesting to experiment with since they can seamlessly complement your living room’s color palette.

When picking the type of glass, we highly recommend toughened glass owing to its strength and safety. It breaks into tiny blunt glass pieces in the rare case of breakage.

tinted glass partition

Wall-length windows

We often underestimate the difference that a ceiling-to-floor window can have on the aesthetic appeal of a room.

Pro-tip - full-length windows should always be energy-efficient glass because they block excess heat and keep the interiors cool. Even in peak summer, these windows keep the interiors cooler than the outside temperature. It is especially recommended for Indian homes which have to withstand a tropical climate.

energy efficient glass

Decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors can work wonders in elevating the glam quotient of a space. They are trendy, stylish, and easily one of the most popular home decor elements used extensively in interior decoration. You can pick a decorative mirror which, besides looking stunning, magnifies your living room.

decorative mirrors

Those were a few easy tips to glam up your living space. If you need more design ideas, head over to the Saint-Gobain gallery and check our designs.




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