faceboo Why is Toughened Glass more durable than ordinary glass?

Why is Toughened Glass more durable than ordinary glass?

September 14, 2022
Last updated on August 03, 2023

In the process of interior design, whether it is the design of commercial or residential spaces, the use of glass has been popular and prevalent.

There are numerous reasons why glass is used in the arena of interior design in modern India and a lot of it has to do with the durability, versatility and inherent aesthetic of the material.

Delving deeper into the world of glass, contrary to popular belief about the material, a lot of applications also require the use of glass because of the safety that it provides, such as the toughened glass.

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What is Toughened Glass?

This is a specialized kind of safety glass that does not easily shatter with force. It is 4 times stronger than normal glass. Even if the toughened glass does break, it does not get broken into harmful pieces. This is one of the most unique qualities of the toughened variety of glass, which is why, it is in great demand in a lot of applications.

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The Different Applications of Toughened Glass:

The kind of qualities that toughened glass has, make it ideal for use in a lot of different applications. These range from major functions like glass tops for dining tables to retail storefronts.

A clear understanding of all the places that you can use the glass can help optimize the functionality of the tempered glass, as toughened glass is also known. Here are some of the most common, yet effective, uses of the toughened glass:

  • In creating partitioning systems in homes, offices, commercial spaces, industrial units, retail spaces, open outdoor areas and more.
  • In the making of glass tops for kitchen shutters, wardrobe shutters, dining tables, showroom table tops, outdoor furniture tops, writing boards, etc.
  • Toughened glass for balcony spaces is also commonly opted for in homes and other interior spaces that seek reinforced security for the premises. The glass helps create a sense of space for the interior area and a contemporary, stylish yet strong façade from the outside, making it a favourite among designers as well as occupants.
  • Railings for balconies & terraces, and toughened glass railing design for staircases is also a common yet aesthetic way to make use of the tempered glass. The railings come with a promise of the best views while keeping the element of safety for the interiors uncompromised.
  • The making of a lot of doors in office and retail spaces is also done with the help of toughened glass. This helps increase the life and utility of the doors of offices or shops which are bound to be used on a continual basis, more often than the doors in homes or other residential spaces.

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Difference between Toughened glass and ordinary glass:

While it is evident that the strength of toughened glass is what helps in setting it apart from other kinds of glass, there are a lot of other things that make toughened glass unique. One of the most important features that make it different from ordinary glass is that it is four times stronger than regular glass. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require glass to provide safety to any interior space. The strength of the glass is one of the most important benefits of toughened glass.

The quality of thermal resistance which is present in toughened glass is another feature that makes it a better option than any other regular glass. This is a feature that enables the use of this type of glass in spaces and applications that are subjected to high levels of heat, such as on the top of a glass stove, or for the partitions of a space that houses heat emanating machines and tools.

Pay Attention to the Toughened Glass Brand:

Finally, in your journey towards understanding why and how toughened glass is stronger than regular glass, it is also important to make sure that you choose your glass from the right brand. This implies that when you want to make the most of your toughened glass, you need to be on the lookout for a brand that will help you build strong and durable interior spaces with safety glass.

Simple Method to Identify Toughened Glass:

The logo on the toughened glass helps identify which is the best tempered glass. A Saint-Gobain branded toughened glass comes with the Saint-Gobain logo.


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