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July 04, 2022
Last updated on April 15, 2024

The domain of interior design is usually limited to the visual experience enhancement of space. But each spatial configuration created by combining varied design elements has a corresponding psychological response for the end-users. It has the power to affect our moods and emotions. Colour becomes a tangible expression reflecting the user's personality and sets the mood/tone of any space when used in any form (walls, glass, and furniture). While different colours can have diverse subjective rejoinders, most colours produce very specific responses in users. For example, red, yellow, and orange are associated with rigour or warmth, while blue is usually associated with calmness. Hence, let us look at some of the wall and glass colour combinations for design aesthetics and the different moods they create for the users.

Wall Paneling

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Aesthetic neutrals grant a homely feel

The colour palette of neutral browns leaning towards beige and white creates a rustic, warm feel and mood to any space. For a cosy home, nothing works better than this kind of a warm palette. This classic combination works wonders when paired with a textured glass of gold, tan or darker tones of brown giving the age-old design aesthetic a contemporary touch. 

lacquered glass

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The Muted and the Pop-up

While grey usually is synonymous with being dull, in contemporary design aesthetics these colour tones lend an offbeat character to any space. Grey can be accentuated with colored glass in two ways. Firstly, this colour can be paired with dark brown-toned glass aesthetics, to create a dark or wintry mood in a space. Secondly, grey can be contrasted with bright colours like orange, pink, yellow to add a pop of colour to any space. Any place can be made cheerful or bright using textured coloured glass- a partition, a statement wall panelling, a highlight wardrobe or splashbacks of bright colour. A colourful glass mosaic in a fixed window can also create interesting patterns of colours throughout the day.

coloured glass

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modern glass kitchen

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Tranquil Earthy Green(s)

A green colour combination with white exudes peace and a tranquil mood to a space. Light green (spring feel) can be used as a pop colour to contrast with the white wall colour. The green colour palette can also be contrasted with brown for an earthy feel to the room that immediately speaks of connecting to our roots and creating a natural fresh mood in a space. Dark-brown or red tinted glass for windows or partitions paired with green walls and accentuated by green/flower potted plants can be any nature or tropical lover’s paradise.

glass for windows

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(Not) Feeling Blue

One-colour whose aesthetic usage is limited as of now is blue and its shades. This colour grants a cool, inviting, and playful atmosphere to any space, all at the same time. When opting for lighter shades of blue in glass (wall panels, window glass, or glass hangings), the wall colours can be painted white or cream. This combination creates an oceanic feel and gives airy beach vibes to a space. When opting for a complete blue palette, the walls can be painted with creamy blue texture and paired with striking peacock or dark blue textured glass partitions or mosaic panels giving a classic royal feel to a space.

glass partition

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Regal Emerald and Gold tones

A classic colour that symbolises glitz, glamour, royalty, and dark den feel all in one – the emerald is not just a colour but a design aesthetic. Luscious emerald used with gold or brass-toned mirror art, chandeliers, or ornate decor oozes class. While dark tones are usually associated with a gloomy feel, this colour combination with glass creates a perfect mood especially in home libraries, entertainment dens, and even living rooms fostering a dark academia aesthetic. Imagine yourself with a hot cup of coffee/tea in your hands and a heavy thunderstorm outside, a perfect mood.


Photograph from Unsplash by Devon Janse van Rensburg

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