faceboo 5 Bathroom Design Ideas to Enhance the Ambience

5 Tips for making the most of your bathroom space

June 01, 2022
Last updated on August 12, 2023

Looking for ideas on how to optimally design your bathroom space? A confluence of aesthetics, utility and storage is what you need, and we are here to help you out with some exclusive bathroom design ideas.

Let’s explore tips on designing a bathroom to maximize space and make it a place to unwind and relax before or after a long day.

1. Large lit mirrors work wonders for your bathroom design

Mirrors create the illusion of a larger space, and they are the perfect add-on for making compact spaces open up. We recommend LED mirrors since they provide the perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. Saint-Gobain’s LED mirrors elevate the total ambience of the bathroom making it look chic and luxurious. To top the aesthetic appeal, they come with powerful defogging features. They are perfect to set the mood for a relaxing hot bath minus the foggy mirror.

bathroom mirrors

2. Add character to your space with a small decorative

A tiny succulent, an interesting wall art, or just a cute decor piece can go a long way in making your bathroom seem homely and cozy. Never underestimate the power of simple accents in transforming the look and feel of the space.

The aim is to design a bathroom that makes you look around and savour the beautiful ambience you have created. So look for minimal accents that add character to your bathroom, and strategically choose items that do not take up too much space.

Bathroom Mirror

3. A glass shower cubicle to segregate wet and dry space

You wouldn’t want to walk into a wet bathroom after a long day of work.

Install a glass shower cubicle to separate the wet and dry space in your bathroom. The partition keeps the water from spilling over to the rest of the floor and also helps provide a tidy look to your bathroom. Plus, the partition itself looks super stylish!

Glass shower cubicles also make an excellent addition since they are non-porous, easy to clean, durable, and super attractive. They also add a stately vibe to the bathroom.

Led mirrors in bathroom

4. Minimal is the name of the game

Grab that Marie Kondo book because we are about to declutter.

Most of the time, our bathrooms seem smaller because we cram them with beauty essentials, grooming appliances, extra towels, cleaning products, and more. While some items are essential, we recommend taking a good look at all the stuff you have and genuinely attempting to cut it down.

Keep only the things you need on the countertop, like your toothbrush and some beauty products. You can tuck away the rest of the items in the storage space below the countertop. Remember, the less stuff you have, the bigger your bathroom will appear.

shower cubicles


5. Install a stellar lighting setup

Both for functionality and aesthetics, having good lighting in your bathroom is essential. A simple modification such as adding a glass window can ensure optimal natural lighting for your bathroom space. An assortment of warm mirror lights and mount lights for the ceiling can illuminate the space with a subtle glow that is not too harsh but relaxing for your eyes.

Bathroom tips

These were some essential tips on how you can make your compact bathroom appear larger and more elegant. For more home decor inspirations, check out Saint-Gobain’s gallery.




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