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SUN BAN Cuts Off the Heat and Keeps You Cool

Sun Ban from Saint-Gobain is a range of glass especially designed to ensure solar control in the residential space. It is perfectly suited for tropical climates like that of India, where the need to control heat ingress is of paramount importance. It can be widely used for applications like windows, staircase glazing, facades and balconies, amongst others.

As against ordinary glass, Sun Ban comes with a special pyrolitic coating that provides superior UV protection while ensuring indoor temperatures remain unaffected or lower than outdoor temperatures. Hence it allows optimum daylight to pass through but is capable of cutting radiation and reflecting upto 70% of heat. Available in a variety of colours and thicknesses, it scores on the aesthetic front as well.

reduce  Cuts the heat from the sun
Interior Cool  Keeps the interiors cooler
usage of air conditioner  Reduced usage of the air conditioner
lower operating cost  Lower operating cost
uv rays  Protects from harmful UV rays




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