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The right choice of glass for a window can bring visual, thermal and acoustic comfort to a home.

Glass for Windows significantly adds to the comfort, lighting and aesthetic appeal of homes. Saint-Gobain has a range of glasses for windows, like solar control glass, clear glass and tinted glass.

Solar Control glass comes with a special coating that cuts heat and allows optimum light into the building. Below is the difference between an ordinary glass and a reflective Glass:

Ordinary Glass

Ordinary glass allows nearly 80% of visible light, heat and ultraviolet radiation to pass through without being absorbed or reflected. This results in soaring energy costs and discomfort for the building's occupants.

Reflective Glass

Reflective glass allows optimum natural daylight through, thereby improving occupants' health and well-being. It also reduces the energy used in artificial lighting, resulting in significant savings in electricity costs and also block UV-rays.

Sun Ban from Saint Gobain has the best-in-class range of Solar Control Glasses for residences. It allows optimum daylight to pass through but cuts radiation and reflects away upto 70% of heat. This glass with special coating provides superior UV protection while ensuring indoor temperatures remain unaffected or lower than outdoor temperature compared to ordinary clear glass.

Sun Ban is ideal for tropical regions, especially Indian climatic conditions. Sun Ban range of glass solutions is aesthetically pleasing and comes in chic and contemporary colours and varied thicknesses. It can be widely used for windows, staircase glazing, facades and balconies amongst others.

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Selecting the ideal Sun Ban glass for your home is made easier with Sun Ban star ratings. Sun Ban star ratings signifies the performance properties of each glass. Sun Ban star rating to each glass is assigned based on its Heat cutting capacity, UV-rays protection, Light transmission and Energy savings obtained. More the Stars, better is the glass!

Benefits of Sun Ban Solar Control Glass




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