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Clear Glass is an integral aspect in the building construction space. What makes it ideal is its versatility that lends itself to a variety of applications like Facades, Partitions, Railings, Partitions, Hand rails, Store fronts, Shower cubicles, Furniture, Glass-Shield etc.

With increasing rate of imports, comes the associated risk of inconsistency in various aspects of glass, viz. Shade, thickness and clarity. The consistency across all aspects can come only with trust, which is why “Be Assured with Saint-Gobain” gains relevance. Saint-Gobain believes that some truths can never be hidden and hence stands for TruThik (Thickness), TruColor and TruClarity and now TruPurity with 654 PPM.


Role of SG Assured Processors

In areas where there is a high risk of contact and breakage, glass needs to be toughened to make it stronger. SG Assured Processors are equipped with best of knowledge and technology to perform this processing on glass. Toughened glass is made by uniformly heating annealed glass to a temperature of up to 700°C and immediately cooling it. After toughening, the stress pattern developed by the glass is high, and the mechanical strength of toughened glass makes the glass four to fie times higher than that of annealed glass. 

Need for Toughened Glass:

Toughening increases tensile strength, thermal shock resistance, and safety of normal glass. It also increases its heat withstanding capacity. Because of these properties, toughened glass is preferred in applications where strength, safety and thermal resistance are important considerations.

Safety Considerations

  • Four to five times stronger than annealed glass
  • Two to three times stronger than heat strengthened glass

Fragments into small, relatively harmless pieces, reducing the likelihood of injury.

Heat Resistance

Withstands both uneven heating and high temperature due to its superior edge strength compared to normal annealed glass. Because of its high edge strength toughened glass is used in spider and point fixed glazing.

Thermal Breakage:

Uneven heating due to direct sunlight makes glass expand and contract at different rates. This difference in the rates of expansion (central part of glass) and contraction (edges of glass) create stresses in glass which may lead to breakage. 

Thermal breakage starts at the edge and is perpendicular to the glass edge. Breakage may be single or multiple depending on the built up stress. Several cracks indicate high thermal stresses across the glass pane. A fully toughened glass has significantly higher edge strength to withstand chances of thermal breakage. 

thermal breakage

Look for the Logo

Saint-Gobain Assured is an initiative by Saint-Gobain to ensure that customers buy an original product of the company and do not end up buying counterfeit ones. Exterior facades and Interior spaces undergo a long design, deliberation and selection process with focus on quality, standards and performance. From the time of creating the architectural concept and designing on the basis of glass to the mock-up, it has to be ensured that the glass that is prudently selected, really gets used. To do so, customers are encouraged to 'look for the logo' on every pane of glass used whereby the Saint-Gobain logo is printed on the glass, Customers can stay assured that they have used the original Saint-Gobain glass


The Saint-Gobain Assurance

Saint-Gobain Assured guarantees assurance on counts of Competence (technological advancement), Credibility (355+ years in the industry) and Commitment (TruThik, TruColour and TruPurity) made to the customer. It assures:

100% Guarantee of a 100% Saint-Gobain

clarityHigh Clarity and Impeccable Purity for Float and Processed glass – Lower Iron

truthikHigher Strength and Impact Resistance – TruThik Promise

cuttingConsistency in Cutting – Reduced Wastage

rapid responseRapid Response Rate

low riskLow-Risk NiS Guarantee

Look for the Saint-Gobain logo and rest assured, because Saint-Gobain Assured speaks of assurance in quality and standards, thereby setting the gold standard in clear glass.

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