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Toughened glass is a safety glass that has undergone processes of controlled thermal treatment to increase its strength
Glass is known for its fragility as well as firmness that makes it typical of a solid. At the same time
Processed Glass is that which is subjected to different types of treatment to make it suitable for diverse applications.
Glass that does not undergo the process of toughening, lamination or heat strengthening. Also known as 'normal' glass and most
Windows are to the house what fresh air is to us. Just like us, our house too needs to breathe; to inhale freshness
Insulated Glass combines two or more glass panes that are spaced apart and sealed with a sealant to appear as a single unit
Ceramic Fritting is a process by which glass enamel is fused on the glass surface. Before the glass is heat strengthened or tempered
By significantly reducing heat loss, high performance thermal insulated glazing enhances the energy-efficiency of windows
Natural light provides a sense of orientation, affecting our surroundings and marking the passage of time.







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