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Design Report


Choosing the right energy-efficient glazing solution is critical – one that is climate-responsive, energy-efficient, provides enhanced visual, thermal, and acoustic comfort for occupants, results in low-maintenance, and reduces high energy bills while ensuring safety and security. And Saint-Gobain's expert design team can help do just that..

Based on the elevation and plan CAD drawings of the proposed building, Saint-Gobain's expert design engineers, who are experienced in working on LEED and GRIHA projects, will prepare a sustainable design report and send to the customer, absolutely free of cost. The report covers comprehensive analyses that will help choose the right glass solutions for the building.

In an endeavour to provide end-to-end solutions to customers, Saint-Gobain has come up with a newer version of its Design Report. Often, customers are confounded with the wide variety of glass available and unable to choose what is best suited for their building. Saint-Gobain has always ensured world-class quality glass is easily accessible. With its new Design Report, it aims at going one step further. by analysing various parameters that impact the energy-efficiency of the building, of the report will suggest the most appropriate combination of glazing solutions.

The different types of Project Specific Analysis are:

Keeping in mind, the wind pressure, a safe thickness is ascertained through the Thickness Analysis.

The Sun Path Analysis helps to understand the solar exposure on different faces of the building.

Daylighting enables the understanding of the amount of light entering the floor plate with different Visible Light Transmittance (VLT).

To determine the optimum sheet size of glass to reduce wastage, the Facade Optimization test is done.

The Solar Gains and Energy-efficiency analysis is a step to gauge the energy savings in the building with the proposed products.

Through visualization, it is possible to envision the appearance of the products that have been recommended. With these analyses, the occupants end up saving more than what they have invested in the glass, in terms of payback and energy savings. Not just that, better occupant comfort (thermal, visual and acoustics) is an added bonus. Based on the analyses, appropriate products are suggested for use in the building. All the features of the glass are elaborately explained and the benefits are conveyed to the occupants. Hence, the Design Report is an extensive tool that not only helps in the most optimum glass types being incorporated, but also ensures the long-term energy-efficiency of the ecosystem as well




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