faceboo Facade Glass for Energy-Efficient Environment Friendly Buildings

Energy-efficient Facade Glass

Facade Glass - Infinity Series

Facade Glass is glass that is especially designed for facades of a building. Gone are the days when brick and mortar exemplified a building facade. Today, glass is increasingly gaining popularity to clothe the facade because, a glass facade is not only aesthetically appealing but also comes with several functional benefits. There are different types of glass used in the building facade.

Saint-Gobain's 'Infinity' series is a bouquet of glass products designed to deliver energy-efficient glazing solutions for exterior applications like glass facades.

Saint-Gobain facade glass is aimed at offering solar control and thermal insulation with its Infinity line of products that is manufactured using advanced Nano technology in a plasma environment. Ensuring minimum glare, the range comes in several aesthetic variants that makes it the go-to choice to adorn the contemporary architectural landscape. Therefore, it meets the need for a glass that delivers both on form and function. Best suited for facades, Infinity is ideal for use in diverse spaces like commercial, luxury residential, hospitality, education and healthcare.

  • 654PPM base glass
  • Magnetron sputtering process manufacturing
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable
  • Versatile

Types of glass used in building facades

Advanced Solar Control Glass

A solar control glass comes with a special coating that is designed to reduce the amount of heat entering a building. It not only reflects and absorbs heat but also filters light in order to reduce glare. Using a solar control glass does away with the need for air-conditioning and blinds. Solar control glass is available in different variants and offers aesthetic options like tinted, reflective and neutral. One of the most important applications of solar control glass is facades. As a facade glass, the solar control glass restricts the entry of heat into the building, even while allowing natural daylight.

Thermal Insulation Glass

Thermal Insulation Glass comes with a low-E coating that minimises direct and indirect heat gain through the facade. The coating on the glass prevents UV rays from entering the building, transmits light but reduces heat gain. It is suitable for both warm and cold climates; in colder regions, the glass reflects the heat back inside while it does the opposite in warm weather. Thermal insulation glass is highly energy-efficient and complies with green rating standards. Facades are one of the applications of thermal insulation glass. As a facade glass, it is popular for being sustainable while also scoring on the aesthetic front.




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