Glass and Thermal Insulation

Glass and Thermal Insulation

Low-E Glass

Thermally insulating glass is also known as low-emissivity or Low-E glass. It forms the inner pane of an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU). The glass has a transparent metallic coating that reflects heat from radiators instead of allowing it to pass through the windows. While it maximizes natural daylight, it controls solar gain.

Low-E Glass for Windows

By significantly reducing heat loss, high performance thermal insulated glazing enhances the energy-efficiency of windows. Low-E coating is an almost invisible film of metal or metal oxide layers deposited on a window or skylight. It reduces U-factor by restricting radiative heat flow. Heat is transferred in multilayer glazing by way of thermal radiation from a warm sheet of glass to a cooler sheet. By covering a glass surface with a low-emittance element and placing that coating into the gap between the layers of glass helps in impeding the radiant heat transfer. This restricts flow of heat through the window.


Benefits of Low-E Glass


One of the biggest benefits of Low-E Glass is that it helps to minimize the direct and indirect heat gain through the facade. Under different weather conditions and climate zones, it helps to eliminate glare through the year. The coating on Low-E Glass is especially useful in reducing hazardous ultraviolet (UV) light.

In colder climes, the interior heat tends to travel to the colder exteriors, but the coating on Low-E glass actually helps to reflect the heat back inside; this reduces the radiant heat loss. The reverse is likely to occur in warmer climate zones, and the coating helps to prevent the exterior heat to travel interiors. Therefore, Low-E Glass is equally relevant to both cold and warm climatic conditions. 

Low-E glass is compliant with Green rating norms, contributing to sustainable structures. Due to the functional metallic Low-E coating, higher visual light transmission is made possible while reducing the solar heat gain. It ensures increased energy-efficiency and cost reduction with the elimination of blinds and artificial lights. Diverse ranges of Window to Wall ratio are possible.  There is clarity in vision and realistic views through fa├žade panel and clear external view throughout the day. The result: increased productivity and occupant comfort.


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