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Planilaque Palette, Colored Interior Glass for Interior Design and its Moods

January 03, 2023
Last updated on April 15, 2024

SGG Planilaque is a range of lacquered glass, colored interior glass, designed to breathe life into interior spaces with its gloss and vibrance. Inducing brilliance and freshness, this range introduces contemporary trends to evoke innovation and creativity, not only from spaces but from occupants of the spaces as well.

Let us look at the different SGG Planilaque color palettes and the moods they create through their usage.

Cocoon, Wellbeing and Simplicity - The Warmth of Care and Earthy Tones

tinted mirror


A color scheme that mimics the soothing, natural tones of the earth is offered by a family of warm neutrals that includes warm whites, ivory, beige, and deep browns. A combination of this color palette helps in creating timeless spaces of warmth and comfort that inspire and endure. Brown can do wonders in large rooms to harmonize the contemporary and classic with its natural color and comforting essence. Wall accents and paneling of Choco brown and extra white or grey can create a warm and cozy ambiance that is perfect for a living area. Additionally, it can be accentuated by using tinted mirrors on the wall of the same palette to liven up the interior design.

Dolce Vita Relaxed Lifestyle - Delicate Scandinavian Shades with an Urban Style

glass partition


The colours available in this color palette are Ivory, Mint green, Solar Yellow and Almond Green. These half-tones offer a soft wash of color and are influenced by the understated Scandinavian hues and the glitz of La Dolce Vita. The brilliance, depth, and sophistication of interior glass contrast with the delicate, subtle colours.

These semitones can be used sparingly as wall accents and as glass partitions between the living and dining areas, in combination with both darker (brown, black) as well as lighter tones (white, off-white) to achieve a sober and relaxed mood in the living space.

Lounge, a Touch of Elegance - Colours of Sophistication

lacquered glass


This color palette comprises intense blues and deep velvety reds with colours like Opera Red, Casis Purple, Calm Sky, and Olive Green. These deep hues are symbolic of sophistication and give any interior design a serene, subtle air of elegance. These are shades that can give any space a sophisticated, theatrical character. Royal blue and opera red glass can be used for wall accents especially in entertainment dens or formal living rooms. Darker shades of interior colored glass such as royal blue as primary colours can be paired with olive green and used for the kitchen, playroom, etc. 

Metallics, Dignity in Shine - Royal and Bold Designs with Grandeur

sgg planilaque


This Planilaque color palette is inspired by the smooth and shiny finish of everyday objects. Metallics are considered to be the regal colous of majesty. The colours available in this interior glass palette Argent Metallise, Vert Onyx, Metallise Champagne impart a subtle yet strong effect to spaces. These shades are perfect for a Baroque style interior theme and also blend well with Neoclassical palettes.

Pastel Subtle Comforts - The Power of Simplicity with a Blend of Luxury

coloured glass


The colours available in this interior glass color palette are Sky Blue, Aquamarine, Lemon Yellow, and Petal Pink. The delicate tones of this palette evoke sentiments of pleasant warmth and good cheer while still being lively and not overpowering. Aesthetically pleasing, they evoke a sense of cheerfulness. Various combinations of this colored glass palette can be extensively used in kid’s playrooms, informal living areas, dining areas, and even bedrooms. As patterned colorful glass partitions and as kitchen backsplashes, these colours blend simplicity with playfulness.

Pop - High-Impact Shades - Bringing Spaces Alive

lacquered glass


A palette of unadulterated hues that give life fresh energy include Flame Red, Fusion Orange, Aqua Blue, Pista Green, and Atoll Blue. Spaces get depth and personality via the use of vibrant reds, lively greens, and unusual raspberries. These striking, mood-enhancing hues give one's interior design a distinctive touch. These high-impact shades are also best used in combination with subtle neutrals or monochrome colours for accent walls, wardrobe shutters/partitions, kitchen backsplashes, etc.

Urban Graphic Design - Dare to Make a Modern Statement

This lacquered glass color scheme of deep black, pristine white, and grey is inspired by the cold mineral hues of stones and metals and has a clean, recognisable aesthetic. Crafting a décor is all about going back to the classics – a daringly modern statement that embraces its urban roots. This color palette of SGG Planilaque lacquered glass is for people who prefer minimalism to the core and want to create a zen-like somber atmosphere in any living space.

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Shiza Christie

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