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How to care for and clean the glass in your homes?

March 08, 2023
Last updated on April 15, 2024

An inside-outside connector - GLASS

Glass is a significant material used in building construction and interior design in today’s times. It is one of the primary materials used to bring natural light into the indoor environment and to connect the inside world to the outside. Designing with glass has benefits that go beyond aesthetic appeal, increased daylight, reduced reliance on artificial light, the feel of spaciousness, insulation, and weather resistance. Therefore, keeping the glass clean and handling it with care is imperative.

Keeping the glass clean can be challenging; from the direction you wipe the dirt, to the material you use for cleaning.

Discover below, the tips and tricks for cleaning glass at home, along with a few mistakes to avoid.

01 Appropriate Glass Cleaners

What type of cleaners to use for cleaning the glass? The glass should be cleaned with washing cleaners or liquid detergents which have no debris and grit, to prevent any scratches or marks. Make sure to use cleaners that are specifically designed to clean glass, with no Hydrofluoric or Phosphoric acid as they are corrosive to the glass surface. They should be mild and not harm the inherent properties of the surface.

Glass Cleaners


02 Top to Bottom direction

In what direction to clean the glass? To get a streak-free sliding glass door and window, always choose to clean the glass from top to bottom. Begin from the top and make sure no dripping happens on the surface, which is already clean.

03 Prefer washing the windows on cloudy days

When to clean the glass - on a sunny or a cloudy day? You may think that the opposite of this works better, as you see dirt particles on the glass while the sun streams in. The sun, however, dries up the washing fluid quickly, leaving residues and streaks.

04 Avoid Thermal fracture

How to avoid thermal fracture of glass? Do not throw extremely hot water on cold glass or cold water on the hot glass while cleaning. This may lead to thermal fracture due to temperature change.

05 Window and Door Components

How to clean other window and door components? Use a cotton swab for hard-to-reach areas of windows and sliding doors. While cleaning the glass of windows or doors, make sure to clean the other elements such as the frame, glazing gasket, seal, hinges, locks, handle, and channels. For best results, you could consult the manufacturer about their specific cleaning requirements.

window & Door Components

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06 Paint spots

How to remove paint stains from the glass? Do not use a sharp razor blade to scrap out paint from the glass, as this practice can damage it. As an alternative, investigate other solvents or paint removal liquids specifically designed for glass to ensure they are not corrosive.

07 Reseal Annually

Seals around Windows and Doors can shrink and warp over time, leading to thermal leaks. It is essential to do an annual check of your window seals to make sure they are tight and pliable.

Here are few common mistakes to avoid while cleaning the glass:

  1. Cleaning glass without first dusting off with a dry cloth
  2. Using just water to clean the glass and skipping a detergent spray
  3. Attempting to clean all the windows and doors in one day
  4. Choosing a sunny day to clean the glass

Keeping your windows clean is essential as it brings in freshness and a bright vibe to your interior spaces. Therefore, don't forget to make glass cleaning a part of the maintenance routine.

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