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The right glass to cut your electricity bills

June 05, 2020
Last updated on May 29, 2023

Did you know that one of the most important aspects of your home is the window? It is the window that brings in the natural sunlight into the house and houses a potential to reduce the heat ingress. Broad windows with right glass chosen can cut your electricity bills by a mile as you would see the usage of artificial lighting and air conditioning becoming sparse. And the most important thing in the window is - the Glass. Glass allows natural light into our living room and our office spaces. It also blends the interior with ambience.

More important: glass is energy-efficient. A right Glass can ably cut the Sun’s heat that comes in to the interiors resulting in lower air-conditioning usage and at the same time, cut down on the artificial lighting too bringing in abundant sun light. Studies show that glass improves the productivity and health of the occupants of a building. Allow your kids to read in the natural sunlight that flows in and their learning ability is better than it would have been otherwise. Medical research suggests that a number of Indians suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, which is the direct result of not having exposure to adequate sunlight. Glass can provide an answer on the health aspects too.

Broadly, glass is only material that is high on performance and on aesthetics. A vast variety of glass solutions are available. Selecting the right one is critical. How does one go about doing it? We think that there is a one-point solution. Let’s build our case towards the solution.

Star rating: an intelligent way to buy

Hotels have star ratings that define comfort levels. You select a hotel based on the comfort levels you need as also your budget. Air-conditioners and refrigerators have ratings that explain the extent of electricity consumption. Higher the rating, the more is the energy efficiency. It helps better performance and greater value for money. Most important: you lower your electricity bills. Investment products are rated by rating agencies for defining levels of safety. There is a trade off between return and risk. The higher the rating the less is the return and less is the risk.

Glass has one thing in common with hotels, air-conditioner, refrigerators and investment products. Like them, glass products are star-rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with ‘5’ being the best. This rating is to measure the performance of a glass.. Higher the rating, the better is it for cutting heat and bringing in light. The rating is based on a complex formula that marries multiple technical parameters. You don't have to know how it is arrived at. In a restaurant you relish a dish, you don't ask how it was prepared!

Looking at the star rating is by far the most intelligent way of buying glass. Trust the rating experts to tell you what is best, and buy keeping your budget in mind. But we have one point to suggest. Much as the time you take to select and lay tiles, much as you follow up on the work of interiors, because they are perhaps more visible, spend time on glass as well. They also share the charm and elegance of tiles, and in long-term, good glass is good for health too. You just need to have an eye to spot a Star!

Saint-Gobain Sun-ban range suits all needs

Saint-Gobain has a wide range of products that meets both the performance and aesthetic features of glass across various Star ratings. The Sun Ban range from Saint-Gobain not only helps save energy but also comes in a variety of colors to blend with the interiors. While the greens, golds and the blues offer privacy, the bronze and the neutrals provide elegance and the metallic colors are soothing.

Shop smart. Save electricity. It fattens your budgets. And contributes in a small way to reducing global warming.

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