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Affordable Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Luxurious Look

April 08, 2021
Last updated on May 30, 2023

Some simple changes can breathe in new life and give your bathroom a luxurious makeover. If you have a budget constraint then a strategic selection of materials can impart a luxurious look for less. Here is how you can go about it.


Add a Shower Cubicle

Install a new shower enclosure as it is one of the best ways to infuse a clean and luxurious look into the bathroom interiors. Note that shower cubicles are available in various design styles like framed glass, frameless glass and pre-fabricated shower cubicles. Choose the one that suits your budget and matches with the overall style of the bathroom.


Shower Enclosure


Go for Chrome Finish Faucets and Knobs

Replace the old, rusty and broken sanitary fixtures with new ones. Introduce unique knobs and pulls for the existing bathroom vanity and other built-in cabinets. The faucets and knobs are available in various finishes like nickel, brass, bronze and chrome. It is advisable to upgrade the look of the bathroom with chrome finish sanitary fixtures and hardware because they are affordable, are easy to maintain and impart a high-end look.


faucets & knobs


Change the Light Fixtures

Give a designer look to your bathroom with the combination of warm lighting and exquisite light fixtures. Instead of a conventional mirror light above the mirror, incorporate beautiful wall scones on either side of the mirror. For a bigger impact beautify the ceiling with a large-scale chandelier or a decorative pendant light.


Light Fixtures


Install a Beautiful Mirror

Elevate the look of the bathroom with a decorative mirror frame.  Consider a large mirror as it doubles the space and gives the bathroom a visually bigger look. Introduce LED backlighting behind the mirror to create a dramatic play of warm lighting.





Glam up the bathroom with a big piece of art as it instantly lifts the space. Make sure that the artwork is properly framed so that it does not get damaged in the presence of moisture or steam. Get creative with plants because fresh plants add a lot of life and vibrancy to the bathroom space. Additionally, choose plants which thrive in low light and a humid environment, to minimize maintenance concerns.




Invest in Quality Bathroom Essentials

Purchase only good quality bathroom essentials preferably products which are scented with essential oils. Go for items like fluffy and light-weight towels, hand towels, memory foam or tufted cotton bathroom mats, bathroom accessories, cleaning supplies etc.  Create a clutter-free look by incorporating all the bathroom storage within closed and built-in storage cabinets.


Quality Bathroom Essentials






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