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Making the World a Better Home

November 16, 2021
Last updated on April 15, 2024

The world is changing. Even as we are reading this article, a million things are occurring that will permanently change the way we live. The internet and social media are revolutionizing businesses and offices, scientists are finding evidence of life on other planets, cars are flying in space, and all is happening while somewhere in the world, a mother gazes at her peacefully asleep child through the glass opening at the NICU after the child gets a new life thanks to modern medicine. Technology is developing a mile a minute, and with it, our lifestyle. With the advent of globalization and the internet, the world has moved closer. Social media has given the people a megaphone, and with more voices pouring in, political, social and personal changes are being successfully made, bolstering democracy and visibility. With more platforms, societies are transitioning to be more transparent.

And when we talk of transparency in the material world, what better material to celebrate with, than glass- metaphorically and literally? The versatile material that it is , it can adapt to any form, has the potential to be transparent, reflective or opaque based on the situation, can beautify spaces in any shade or shape, and is the perfect representation of the modern world.

Changes in the world are also bringing about changes in our worlds. A glass house can bring in the ephemeral experience while being a marker of the contemporary. With Saint-Gobain ushering in a new era in glass innovations, the material is getting a supreme; makeover, being used not just for aesthetics but for utility as well. For ages, glass has been portrayed as a futuristic material, and we are living that future now.

The future is transparent, translucent, reflective, opaque, colourful. The future is glass.

©Rotislav Uzunov on Pexels.com

Through these blogs, new perspectives about glass and the way it can be used will be showcased. Glass has evolved to be more than a window pane in homes. Today, we can see it dividing rooms as partitions, opening new worlds as doors, providing support with elegance as railings and beautifying spaces as showpieces and decorative elements. We are constantly innovating to push the boundaries of these perspectives with newer products, creating a vision for lighter, smarter and more efficient homes. Glass in homes has for long been associated with contemporary beauty, openness and vibrance; and further possibilities are yet to be explored.

© Source: Saint-Gobain

There is tremendous scope for innovation when it comes to this wondrous material. Glass is gaining a strong reputation for its versatility. With its potential to adapt to technology, such as smartboards and the like, it is truly a material of the future. Many designers have recognized this and used the material innovatively in their projects. These innovations come in all forms and shapes, because glass is not restricted to scale. Just as it adorns skyscraper facades, so does it grace a shower-cubicle. Glass ceilings and glass floors or steps are also becoming increasingly popular! Glass is changing home interiors for the better. Regardless of size or volume, this fascinating material has been crafted into mesmerizing forms, stories of which have been chronicled by writers.

©Jill Burrow on Pexels.com

Chronicles themselves have been inspired by glass. The material has caught the fancy of many artists, who have used it to create beautiful cinematic and fictitious experiences in books and movies, right from Mahabharata to the more recent Parasite. Used in set design, glass carries a wonderful cinematic effect, whether it is building up the story as a window pane between the thoughtful protagonist and the rain over the city, or adding a dramatic effect as it shatters when the protagonist throws the antagonist through it. A crucial component of pop culture, glass has been the wings for many dreamers.

©Still from Bajirao Mastani directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Semi Hiatus on Tumblr.com

As exquisite as it is on its own, glass is also a team player. Because of its transparency, and versatility, glass goes well with most materials and colours. With the right combination of colours and material palettes, it can create beautiful spaces that are harmonious and also carry a contemporary grace.


©Alan Hitchcock on Flickr.com

Going beyond aesthetics, glass has evolved to be not just strong and durable, but also green and efficient. From harnessing energy to insulating against it, glass does it all. With the advent of solar powered glass, smart glass and, tint-changing glass amongst other wondrous inventions, the possibilities offered in terms of utility are endless.

©Laura Tancredi on Pexels.com

The evolution of glass is nothing short of magic. From being accidentally discovered on a beach to being carefully curated to withstand all kinds of loads and pressures, the material has come a long way. Not just for designers, it holds a fascination for one and all, simply because the technological advancements in glass are a testament to the brilliance of humankind. Just as humans have evolved over ages, glass too, has changed, and it is now time that we welcome these changes in our home. Our Homepressions offer a window into the ever evolving world of glass. The material that adorns cabinets and shelves beautifully in the form of lacquered glass also breathes elegance in the form of glass staircases and railings. Tinted glass and partitions of varying opacity create a beautiful chiaroscuro in spaces that add a sense of rhythm to homes.

Let us start by bringing in a little more light, a little more transparency and a little more; class into our residences. Let us create inspired homes that create inspired societies. And as ideas flow more freely through spaces, let us then, together,

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