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Super Stylish Ways to Introduce Mirrors into Your Home

June 14, 2021
Last updated on April 05, 2024

Find out how the reflective surface of mirrors can add sparkle and create a refreshing home decor

Over the years, the function of a mirror has evolved from a functional looking glass into a bespoke design element which can enhance the overall look of the home. Mirrors are a perfect way to accentuate spaces, add a lot of light and depth into the interiors. Use these professional tips to integrate mirrors into the home decor and create a statement–making style.

Introduce Accent Mirrors

Accent mirrors double as wall art and make a statement feature within the home. Beautifully styled mirrors are available in myriad shapes and are perfect for common areas of the home like the entrance foyer, the console and the living room where there is maximum visibility.

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Accent Mirrors

Consider Mirror mosaic

Decorate a blank wall with an array of mirrors to create an artistic mosaic effect. The most interesting part about this arrangement is that each mirror casts individual reflections and infuses a dynamic look. Read more about mirror mosaic ceilings and skylights.

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Expand Space

Mirrors work as a grand reflective surface which creates the illusion of extra space. It improves the lighting of the room, brings in an element of openness and is best suited for narrow hallways and compact rooms.

Install Mirror Panels on the Furniture

Who says mirrors are only meant for the walls? Mirrors can be installed on the facade of the base and overhead cabinet shutters to add more personality into the furniture design. Consider conventional mirrors or tinted mirrors to soften the ambience.


Choose the Mirror Style

From modern to Victorian, mirror frames are available in a vast variety of design styles which can effortlessly blend with a traditional, transitional or contemporary home decor.

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Mirrored Wall-Panelling

Consider mirror wall panels or introduce floor-to-ceiling mirrors in strategic areas of the home. Make sure that the mirror always reflects an interesting architectural feature, chandelier or a statement piece of art. One can also amplify light and create an airy vibe by installing mirrors across a window especially if it opens into picturesque views.


Wardrobe with Mirror Panels

Bring in an element of lightness into the bedroom décor by introducing mirror panels within the wardrobe shutters. The best part about these wardrobes are that they simultaneously work as a dresser which enables one to get full view of oneself.

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