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Clear the Clutter: Glass Shutters for your Wardrobes

April 01, 2024
Last updated on April 19, 2024

A bedroom is not merely a space for sleeping; it is a personal haven where we unwind, reflect, and prepare ourselves for the day ahead. And at the heart of these sanctuaries lies the wardrobe. In most bedroom layouts, one entire wall is dedicated to the wardrobe, highlighting its indispensable role in our daily lives. But how do we balance functionality with aesthetics in this quintessential piece of bedroom furniture?

A good wardrobe isn't just about its external appearance. An effective internal layout, comprising hanging closets, drawers, and shelves, is essential for achieving clutter-free functionality. However, the aesthetics are just as crucial as they contribute significantly to the overall ambience while reflecting the inhabitant's style and taste.

When we think of wardrobes, a myriad of options come to mind: colours, materials, handles, doors, lighting, mirrors, and storage spaces. Each element contributes to the overall appeal and utility of the wardrobe. Yet, amidst this plethora of choices, one material stands out for its contemporary charm and versatility: GLASS.

Advantages of Wardrobes with Glass Shutters

Premium Looking Wardrobes

Glass exudes elegance and sophistication, instantly elevating the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. The surface of glass door panels adds a touch of luxury to the space, making it feel large and inviting.

Customization Possibilities

The appealing aspect of wardrobes with glass shutters is their versatility in customization. From integrated lighting features that illuminate your wardrobe's contents to personalised designs and finishes, the possibilities are endless.

Versatile Options with Glass Shutters

Glass shutters offer abundant options to suit diverse room decor ideas. No matter your preference, a statement piece can be created: toughened clear glass for maximum visibility, toughened frosted or tinted glass for a subtle, classy look, or toughened lacquered glass i.e. SGG Colormaxx Dura for a pop of colour - there's something to cater to every aesthetic inclination!

What Type of Glass Shutter to Use and Where?

When it comes to wardrobe door panels, there are several options of glass available, each offering unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Here are some tips:

Show Off your Style with Toughened Clear Glass Shutters

Toughened clear glass panels are transparent and versatile, fit for modern, contemporary design styles. It allows maximum visibility of the wardrobe's contents, hence, suggested to only those wishing to show off their organisation skills! That aside, toughened clear glass panels in combination with metal frames offer a sleek and streamlined look as they pair well with clean lines, neutral colour palettes, and minimalist furniture.

Discover the Beauty of Diffused Light with Frosted Glass Shutters

Frosted glass panels provide a matte finish and a peek-a-boo effect, obscuring the interior contents while beautifully diffusing light, particularly when integrated with light fixtures. They work well with contemporary and transitional decor styles, suitable for shared bedrooms etc.

Frosted Glass

Colour it Bright with Toughened Lacquered Glass Shutters

Toughened lacquered glass adds a pop of colour and vibrancy to the wardrobe door panels, ideal for rooms where you want to introduce a bold accent for neutral interiors or create a focal point. They can be incorporated into a range of interior decor styles, including modern, eclectic, and urban chic.

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Toughened Lacquered Glass

Show-off Custom Designs with Etched or UV Printed Glass Shutters

Ideal for rooms where you want to introduce visual intrigue or break up monotonous surfaces, etching can be done in various patterns, sparingly as accents or as full door panels. And UV printing technology can be used to print any custom design and creative onto glass.

Glass Shutters

Appreciate Reflections with Mirrors for Wardrobe Shutters

Mirrored glass panels are a classic choice that work well with a variety of interior styles, including traditional, glam, and vintage-inspired decor. Plain, grey-gold and rose-gold tinted mirrors available through Saint-Gobain SGG Miralite series add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the bedroom while enhancing functionality. They create an illusion of space, making the bedroom appear larger and brighter while providing a convenient reflection for dressing and grooming.

Wardrobe Shutters

Exploring Subtle Hues with Tinted Glass Shutters

Tinted glass comes in various shades, such as bronze, rose gold and grey. It is ideal for bedrooms, particularly those facing direct sunlight, where it can add a touch of sophistication and luxury. Tinted glass complements decor styles such as contemporary, mid-century modern, and urban chic.

Tinted Glass Shutters

Keeping It Safe by Opting for Toughened Glass Shutters

Toughened glass is strong, more durable and resistant to breakage compared to regular glass, hence best used in high-traffic areas or spaces where the risk of breakage is higher, such as children's bedrooms, playrooms, etc. It can seamlessly incorporate into various interior decor styles, including modern, industrial, and minimalist designs. Toughened or tempered glass is now available in lacquered finish as well.

When striving for visually captivating wardrobes, glass emerges as the perfect material of choice. Its ability to marry functionality with modern appeal makes it a standout option amongst today's design trends. So, clear your clutter and embrace the transformative power of glass in your wardrobes for an effortlessly chic and organised space!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are glass wardrobes safe for bedrooms?

If installed properly and toughened glass is used, there is no reason why there should be safety concerns around the usage of glass in bedrooms. Besides this, edges need to be treated well (rounded/bevelled and polished) to avoid injuries and toughened glass should be opted for high-impact areas.

How do you clean a glass wardrobe?

Start with a dry microfiber cloth to gently remove any dust or loose debris from the glass surfaces. This step helps prevent scratching the glass during the cleaning process. You can use a commercial surface cleaner or even a homemade mixture of water, vinegar and dish soap and spray it on the surface and wipe it out. Avoid spraying too much of the solution as this could leave wipe marks. Pay special attention to the edges and frames of the glass panels, where dirt and grime may accumulate. Use a cotton swab or a soft brush to clean these areas if necessary. Step back and have a look at the whole panel to spot any marks or streaks and wipe them off with a microfibre cloth and you are good to go.

What are the advantages of lacquered glass wardrobes?

The benefits of lacquered glass for wardrobes are plenty

  • They exude a modern touch thereby ranking high on aesthetic appeal.
  • Available in a variety of colours and with endless possibilities for customization, lacquered glass certainly raises the bar for interior design.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain making them a hygienic choice.
  • Available in toughened variant, they are sturdy and durable.
  • They help elevate spaces, making them appear brighter and larger.


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