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Decorative wall panels – say hello to yellow!

June 05, 2020
Last updated on June 09, 2023

Who says a restaurant is all about just the palate? Look again, and you will find that it is about the ‘palette’ as well! See? We told you so! But then, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that dining out is not just a feast for the taste buds, but for the eyes too. As customers wait on their order, your tastefully done restaurant will make it that much easier and worth the wait. Isn’t it a good way of distracting their attention so they don’t get impatient while the food takes its time coming to their table? That’s some food for thought, huh?!

A restaurant today, has to strike the perfect balance as it blends together various ingredients – good food, great service, soothing ambience, interesting interiors and overall, an extraordinary experience. Because, the way to a customer’s heart is no longer through the stomach alone. The vibrant wall colour has to complement the fresh, green salad just as the ceiling shade needs to merge with the creamy dessert. The dynamics of restaurant interiors are certainly changing colours!

And so are the colour choices. Move over boring beiges and predictable pinks. It’s time to make a bold, new statement. Bring in some sunshine with bright and beautiful yellow. You’ll see that it’s the colour perfectly in sync with the contemporary diner who loves to experiment with different cuisines. And what better way to add some class than with glass?!

Saint-Gobain Glass introduces Planilaque, a range of premium high durability coloured & lacquered glass. Manufactured using the high-end lacquer on glass process, it is heat & humidity resistant and devoid of VOC, lead, copper, formaldehyde and arsenic, making it an eco-friendly glass. It is opaque and ensures excellent consistency in colour.

SGG Planilaque comes with a superior finish that makes it hygienic and hassle-free to maintain. It can be easily and quickly installed. The best part about SGG Planilaque is that it is a complete interior decoration & furnishing product with a wide variety of applications. Did you know, it can be used for interior wall panelling, decorative panels, cladding for cabinet & wardrobe doors, internal doors & sliding doors? That’s not all… What’s more, you can use it in showcases, furniture, writing boards, and even washrooms! And the palette of 10 contemporary colours only adds to its extra appeal.

With SGG Planilaque Solar Yellow, say goodbye to mellow moods forever…Spruce up your restaurant with Solar Yellow lacquered glass walls, throw in some Mint Green from Planilaque for extra effect, or choose from Planilaque Black, White and Titanium Grey. Combine this with colour coded panels & shelves and lo! you have just created a recipe for customer delight.

Now it’s time to let your customers beat the blues and get ready to bask in the happiness of happy, chirpy, bubbly yellow!

The all-new sophisticated interior design glass from Saint-Gobain comes in 26 shades.

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