faceboo Tips to be Equipped for Emergencies in Your Restaurant

Are you equipped for emergencies in your restaurant?

June 06, 2020
Last updated on May 29, 2023

If you are a restaurateur, you will agree that you need to provide customers with more than just an extraordinary gastronomical experience. Because, your responsibility is not only limited to the food, ambience and service, but also the customers' safety and security. Like every other space, a restaurant is prone to emergencies and let us test how equipped you are to deal with them.

But first, to be prepared for an emergency and to have a plan in place, you need to know what are the possible hazards. Hence a thorough risk evaluation of the building has to be done. Some of the key elements that you must look out for, include:

  • whether the 'exits' are clearly visible
  • whether the doors can be easily opened
  • whether any decorative items come in the way
  • whether fire extinguishers are within reach
  • whether fittings & fixtures are sturdy

These are but a few pointers to keep your restaurant ready for an emergency. There can be various different types of emergencies that can be encountered; fire is one of them. Even while the fire station is being informed of the emergency, the staff can start dousing the fire with the available extinguishers. What is equally important is to have employees trained adequately to handle both people and property efficiently in the event of a mishap. While employees may be prepared, customers are often taken aback when such unforeseen circumstances arise.  Hence, one of the most secure measures you can deploy is the use of fire-rated glass.  

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain's range of fire-resistant and high-security glass products is suitable for a variety of glazed building applications that mandate protection, without compromising on the architectural sensibilities. Products include butt-joint glazing systems, smoke barrier systems and even fire doors. These fire system solutions are designed to provide protection in escape routes and compartmentalize fire to limit the harmful effects of fire and smoke to building occupants.  

Benefits of using fire-resistant glass from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain:

  • Maintains the required fire resistance by stopping the passage of fire and smoke
  • Reduces radiant heat between the fire side and the non-fire side of the glass
  • Offers visual security by allowing clear vision making fire detection, evacuation of trapped people and shifting of property faster and easier
  • Inspires architects and interior designers to create aesthetic spaces. These products can match up with interior or exterior glazing and integrate seamlessly with the designers’ intent, thus bringing down design barriers
  • Allows the liberty of using between insulated and integrity products to suit specific needs

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain products are perfect to equip you for those unanticipated emergencies in your restaurant. If you don't want to face the heat, know more about them right away:




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