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Your 5-point guide to choosing accessories for a sliding wardrobe shutter

June 05, 2020
Last updated on July 28, 2023

Open Sesame. You could as well be calling out to a wardrobe of your choice and voila! Saint-Gobain presents you with a plethora of sliding wardrobe shutter options that will actually leave you spoilt for choice. Of course, the aesthetics will leave you bowled. And no doubt you are bound to be impressed with the sheer variety on offer but being the prudent person that you are, there's that mental checklist that you need to tick off.

  • Ok, so first things first. Is it safe? Trains aren’t the only ones that get derailed; Your wardrobe shutters may as well! Your shutters come with an anti-jump feature which not only ensures but also enhances safety. This fitting available at the top of the shutter ensures that your shutter neither is dismounted nor derailed from its track!



  • Talking of tracks, Rust avoidance and corrosion resistance are critical for smooth sliding movements. The shutters are mounted on high-quality and stringently tested tracks that enable smooth movement of the shutters every single time.



  • Then there is the anti-dust weather strip that takes care of the shutter by filling in the gaps thereby minimizing infiltrating air-flow and the accompanying dust.



  • Safety films placed behind the glass surface offer additional support and strength to the glass panels helping to absorb greater impacts, holding on to glass providing a lamination like effect.



  • When it comes to that all-important function of the shutters – yes, their opening and closing capacity – well, they are fitted with a soft closing fixture. This makes sure that the movement is slow and soft, creating no hard impacts with the carcass and preventing damage to both the frame and the glass.



So, now that you have checked off that list, it's time to go ahead and check out the sheer variety of wardrobe shutters from Saint-Gobain! Go ahead, and open that door right here:




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