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12mm Toughened Glass - Understanding Its Benefits And Applications

December 26, 2023
Last updated on December 27, 2023

Glass, a seemingly simple material, undergoes a remarkable transformation to become the robust and versatile 12mm toughened glass. In this exploration, let us take a closer look at the fascinating journey from clear glass to 12mm toughened glass. We will also explore its features, benefits, and applications and understand how it stands out from other glass types.

Making of 12mm Toughened Glass

1. Formation of Clear Glass: Initially, clear glass takes shape in an exceptionally high-temperature environment (1600 degrees Celsius), blending ingredients such as Silica, Soda ash, Dolomite, Limestone, and Cullet.

2. Toughening Process: The transformation into toughened glass involves heating the clear glass to 750 degrees Celsius and carefully cooling it under controlled conditions. This tempering process is a critical step in enhancing its strength.

3. The Process Behind Toughened Glass Endurance: The glass traverses a furnace on rollers, undergoing a blend of conduction, convection, and radiation heating modes. Air blasting on both surfaces ensures uniform cooling, resulting in the tempered strength we rely on.

Key Features of 12mm Toughened Glass

1. Compressive Stress: Can handle more than 90 MPA pressure, ensuring high resistance.

2. Mechanical Strength: Four times stronger than annealed glass or regular glass.

3. Low impurity: It has only 654 (PPM) parts per million impurities, indicating purity.

4. Tru-thick: Uniform thickness for reliability.

5. Low-Risk of Breakage: Has lesser chances of spontaneous breakage.

6. Low Carbon Glass: Contributes to environmental sustainability.

Benefits of 12mm Toughened Glass

1. Strength and Thermal resistance: Suitable for applications where robustness and thermal resistance are crucial.

2. Safety in Breakage: Smaller, rounded pieces reduce the risk of injury during breakage.

3. Edge Strength: Resists thermal breakage better than annealed glass.

4. Versatility: Ideal for spider and point-fixed glazing due to its high edge strength.

5. Safety Blanket: Preferred for protection, especially for elderly, children and pets.

6. Acoustic Properties: Can be made acoustic, offering privacy and peace in living spaces.

7. Aesthetic Appeal: Interior designers find it versatile in terms of improving both functionality and aesthetics.

Distinguishing 12mm Toughened Glass from Other Types and Thicknesses

When comparing 12mm toughened glass with other glass types like annealed or clear and different thicknesses such as 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm, it is essential to consider the specific load-bearing capacities associated with each. The load-bearing capacity varies for each thickness and depends on a range of parameters, making it crucial to understand the intended application areas for precise assessment.

Application Areas of 12mm Toughened Glass


The 12mm thickness ensures unparalleled strength, providing a robust barrier while allowing ample natural light. Say goodbye to traditional notions of fragility associated with glass doors; 12mm toughened glass doors are a testament to durability.

Table Tops

From homes to restaurants, toughened glass these table tops find their place in diverse settings. Whether adorning a chic dining room or enhancing the aesthetics of a stylish cafe, the versatility of 12mm toughened glass table tops knows no bounds.


With 12mm toughened glass, prioritize safety without sacrificing style. The high-quality manufacturing process ensures that your 12mm tempered glass railings stand the test of time, offering both style and functionality.